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Pregnant mom sobs admitting she's 'actually sad' after disappointing gender reveal
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@audi_elise

Pregnant mom sobs admitting she's 'actually sad' after disappointing gender reveal

A pregnant woman admitted why she was 'sad' after learning the gender of her unborn child.

A mother shared a video of her reactions to finding out the gender of her second child after being so excited for her firstborn.

Autumn Freeman, known as @audi_elise on TikTok, shared a video of herself and her husband, Andy reacting to the joyous moment.

Well... at least the pair were both happy the first time around.

The video shows the couple in two clips, how they reacted for their first reveal, when they found out they were having a girl.

And another clip, their second child, when they found out they were having another girl. You can watch the video here:

In this first clip, the parents pop a balloon and pink fuchsia confetti rains down on them as they embrace and jump around, clearly ecstatic with the news.

A really sweet moment.

However, for the second clip, after pulling festive poppers and pink confetti rains down again, Autumn says "I’m actually sad" before half laughing, half sobbing into her husband’s arms.

Andy tried to reassure her that it was completely fine and joked it is not as if they get to pick when she said that she 'wanted a boy'.

The pair were delighted when finding out they were expecting their first daughter.

As Autumn walks off the camera, Andy says: "It’s okay. She’ll be just as beautiful as the rest.”

However, despite her initial disappointment, the mom told PEOPLE in an exclusive interview that she was 'bummed out' for a just about week after filming the video in October last year before it 'went away'.

"In my perfect world I'd have one boy and one girl," she said.

She said that she'd 'actually wanted a boy' when expecting her first daughter, Violet, but was 'excited either way', adding: "Then with this one, we know it's our last baby."

Now more excited about raising two daughters, she said: "I just told myself the universe is giving me what I need and what I can handle…I'm just meant to be a girl mom.”

Writing in the caption of the video, she'd asked her followers whether they had also 'experienced' similar feelings.

In the second reveal, Autumn was a bit disappointed.

While some said they too initially had felt some gender disappointment, others didn't agree.

Many pointed out how it might make her daughter feel if she saw this when she's older - with some, Autumn says, accusing her of not 'loving this baby'.

"That's not the case at all. It had nothing to do with how I feel about the baby or how much I love it or how much it's going to be loved. It was just a brief moment, and now it's gone. I'm ready for my girl." she said.

Autumn also has a way to approach this situation should it ever happen, further adding: "I would tell her, ‘Yeah, you were the third girl. We thought that we wanted a boy and we found out you were a girl.

"For a brief moment, I was sad that I wasn't ever going to experience having a little boy, but now I have you and I know you and I love you and I wouldn't trade you for the world'."

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