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Woman at center of polyamorous throuple opens up on how their relationship works

Woman at center of polyamorous throuple opens up on how their relationship works

She explained how she juggles two husbands alongside other partners

A woman in a polyamorous throuple has opened up about how it all works.

Open relationships are becoming more and more common, but if you haven't been in one, they can seem pretty mysterious and confusing. Thankfully, a polyamorous throuple in the US has lifted the lid on the alternative lifestyle.

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Kenya K Stevens, from Houston, Texas, has been married to her husband Carl for almost 30 years, but around 10 years ago, she added second husband Tiger into the equation.

Explaining how it all started out, Kenya said: "He (Carl) wanted to have other women. He had said that when we first got married.

"So I knew that that was one of his goals. And when it started to happen at year 12 of our marriage, I said, 'Well, I would like to get in on that too, because I think it's just fair is fair.'"

And when she met Tiger, they instantly hit it off.

"I met Tiger about 10 years ago, he was dressed as Tiger Woods on Halloween," she recalled.

"We had a nice dance and I just fell immediately for him, and I had to just introduce him to the fact that I am married.

"And I introduced him to my husband and just to see if you know he would be down to be a part of our union."

They have a system to ensure things run smoothly.
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Initially, Tiger was understandably apprehensive, but fast-forward to the present day and the trio have well and truly embraced the lifestyle.

Explaining how exactly it works, Kenya said: "We do have a Google calendar, because they both have other partners. He (Carl) has another wife.

"They're in town, off and on, and then I have other partners as well. So they have to have a calendar."

By the sounds of it, they've got it all figured out, though they admitted the tricky part was explaining their unusual dynamic to their families.


"That's a really difficult conversation," Tiger said.

"It is a lot of work to try to get your family to wrap their minds around that. It's not an easy process."

Carl added: "My parents are traditional. So they don't believe in like the polyamory, or any of that kind of stuff.

"But they understood us, they saw us over time like really working it out, and they saw the benefit of what we were doing - being honest, keeping the family together, you know, just really being good to each other. And over time, they kind of grew to accept it as our choice."

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