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Parents are disgusted as 'After School Satan Club' opens at local elementary school

Parents are disgusted as 'After School Satan Club' opens at local elementary school

A new after school club has caused colossal controversy in a local US community

When you think of after school clubs, you think of football practice, games club, or even extra math and English lessons for the brain boxes amongst us.

But this one after school club in a US elementary school has shocked people and caused outrage in its local community.

The 'After School Satan Club' has been introduced at Golden Hills Elementary School in Kern County's Tehachapi in a controversial move.

The new after school club is sponsored by the Satanic Temple and Reason Alliance.

The Satanic Temple is often confused with the Church of Satan, with the Temple being a non-theistic religious organisation.

Parents are not happy with the new after school club.
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For years, the group has been launching clubs in public schools where evangelical Christian groups have their own meetings.

According to the group's co-founder and spokesperson Lucien Greaves, The After School Satan Club was set up to educate and encourage children to critical thinking, not to teach Satanism.

As reported by KBAK, Greeves said: "We keep religious matters out of the teachings of the after school Satan clubs and people often ask us, well then why include Satanism at all, being that people are going to be offended by it?

"Well, the fact of the matter is, there’s nothing to be offended by and we don’t want people to be unaware of who we are when we run these programs, as we think there would be a more intense backlash if we were trying to hide it."

But that hasn't stopped parents from criticising the club, with some saying it doesn't have a place in a setting such as a school.

Some parents have said the club doesn't have a place in the school.
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One grandparent to a fifth-grade student told KBAK: "I think it’s disgusting; I understand the school has to allow them because they allow other after school programs such as the good news, which is a Christian based after school program, that one I’m okay with, but I can’t imagine why anyone would want their child to attend this Satanic group."

A grandparent to a first-grade student added: "Tehachapi said yes, and I think they made a mistake. I know my grandson will not be a part of this club."

A mother in Tehachapi and a volunteer for the club has said the initial reaction from the community is of 'shock and disgust'.

But she did say that some were changing their mind after finding out that the group is not actually encouraging children to worship Satan.

UNILAD has contacted Golden Hills Elementary for comment.

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