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‘Road hell’ which has ‘600 sharp turns’ is making people sick just by looking at it
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/@worldview2078

‘Road hell’ which has ‘600 sharp turns’ is making people sick just by looking at it

The road definitely isn't made for people who get car sick

There are some roads out there that you just know aren't going to be easy to drive on.

The Devil's Elbow, the Highway of Death, and the Road of Bones are just a few examples that spring to mind.

They don't sound like the kind of roads you'd want to cruise down, windows down and 'Life Is A Highway' blasting out at full volume, but at least they give you some kind of an idea of what you're getting yourself into.

Another road to fit this category is 'Road hell', and it might just be the most nauseating one out there.

Located in China, 'Road hell' is the nickname for Ancient Panlong Road, which, despite what its name suggests, actually opened in 2019.

According to the site Putni Kofer, the road was built to provide passage into the mountains for local farmers and herders, but it's become famous across the globe for its numorous hairpin turns.

The road has so many bends that some believe it resembles a dragon, which is how it earned the name 'Panlong' - a term referring to a water dragon in Chinese mythology.

Imagine your mom's stress in the passenger seat on this drive.

There are believed to be more than 600 sharp turns in the road, which stretches for a total of 75 kilometers.

While most of the bends are under 180 degrees, there are some that will put your steering skills to the test as they reach a massive 270 degrees.

Footage offering a birds-eye view of the road has left people feeling sick just by watching it, with the thought of facing turn after turn just too much to handle.

"I get motion sickness just by looking at it," one person wrote after seeing the video on Reddit.

Another added: "I'd be throwing up by turn five if I was the passenger... If I was behind the wheel, I'd enjoy and be fine."

The road is giving people motion sickness just by looking at it.

Many Reddit users questioned why the people who built the road didn't opt for a straighter path through the slope, but it's likely that it was just too steep for a straight road.

The windy path reaches more than 1,000 meters above sea level, with its highest point reaching 4,200 meters in altitude.

Though it's definitely one to avoid if you have a tendency to get car sick, the road forms a viral link between the city of Habu Sikalai, on the eastern banks of the Dailiya River, and the Taxkorgan Municipality on the western banks of the Tashiku’er River.

So, do you think you could manage it?

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