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People are only just discovering what the M&M initials actually stand for

People are only just discovering what the M&M initials actually stand for

M&M's fans have been left surprised by the meaning behind the chocolate brand's two initials.

Ever wondered what the Ms in M&M's stand for? Well, I'm going to tell you anyway.

You knew you were in for a treat if you heard the tinkling sound of small chocolate buttons chiming together as you swung your lunchbox into school.

Or if you went to the cinema and were not only allowed a sweet and salty mixed popcorn, but also a bag of multi-coloured crunchy hard shells on the outside with smooth melt-in-your-mouth chocolate on the inside.

However, while sitting there munching your way through the entire share bag – because when do they ever really get shared? – did you ever stop to think what the two Ms in M&M's could actually mean?

People have been left surprised over what M&M's initials stand for and the history behind the chocolate brand.
Igor Golovnov/ Alamy Stock Photo

The chocolate may have first been invented in 1941, but many of its consumers still don't know where its name comes from.

The first initial of the popular chocolate brand stands for 'Mars' and the second, 'Murrie'.

Mars is for Forrest E. Mars Sr, and Murrie for Bruce Murrie, Mars and Murrie being the two founders of the US chocolate brand.

Mars – son of Frank C. Mars, founder of the Mars company – is said to have come up with the idea for a chocolate button with a hard-shelled exterior after trying to think of a way to prevent a chocolate from melting too easily.

On 1 September, 1939, World War Two began, which led Mars to predict there may end up being a shortage of chocolate.

Subsequently, in 1941, Mars enlisted the help of Hershey Chocolate president William F.R. Murrie's son, Bruce Murrie, and settled for a 20 percent stake in the chocolate brand.

The design of M&M's meant soldiers could carry them without fear of the chocolate melting. As one slogan for the snack put it: "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand."

However, after the war ended on 2 September, 1945, and rationing came to a halt three years later, Mars bought out Murrie's shares and so the company became solely owned by Mars again.

Forrest Mars Sr came up with the idea for the chocolate when thinking of a way to prevent it from melting as quickly.
mauritius images GmbH/ Alamy Stock Photo

Fans of the chocolate have taken to Reddit in surprise at learning what the initials stand for.

One commented: "Knowing that M&M's where created for soldiers in WW2, I assumed M&M stood for Military Munchies. When you assume..."

"I legitimately felt good learning that...thank you," another wrote.

A third said: "I always thought it just stood for 'MMMMMM!'"

However, a final questioned: "Yea but how do you know which piece of candy stands for 'Mars' and which one stands for 'Murrie'?"

As well as introducing the crispy and smooth chocolatey goodness that is M&M's to the world, Forrest E. Mars Sr is also the businessman behind some of the best of the chocolates you find in a Celebration box.

Under his Mars empire, he is responsible for the Milky Way, the Mars bar, and countless others.

And if you have more of a savoury than sweet tooth, you can also thank Mars for launching Uncle Ben's rice.

Learn something new every day eh?

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