Millionaire boss parks his cars inside his office to motivate staff

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Millionaire boss parks his cars inside his office to motivate staff

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A multi-millionaire entrepreneur parks parts of his luxury car collection inside a ‘motivational room’ to help inspire his staff and make them believe anything is possible if they work hard enough.

James Donatossian, 35, fled his war-torn home in Iraq alongside his family when he was just 16. The family settled in Australia where Donatossian was determined to do something with his life after finishing his studies.


In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Donatossian, who owns printing company Printech and has a net-worth of more than AUD $30 million (USD $20,383,176) said he started out with a job in sales, where he soon excelled.

After spending five-years at the company, where he earned around $150,000 (US $102,000) a year, he decided to strike out on his own and in 2012 set up Printech.

He told the publication: “We came to Australia with under $9,000 ($6,103US) in our pockets.

“The militia had come in and were trying to kidnap people. I was chased twice, they wanted to kidnap me because they thought we were rich as my dad was a doctor.

James Donatossian. Credit: Instagram
James Donatossian. Credit: Instagram

“My dad received a letter from one of his patient's that said ''you've got to get your son out of the country as soon as possible, because they're going to come and take him’.”

Initially, Donatossian wanted to become a doctor - like his dad - but as English was his third language, he found it too difficult.

Following a successful few years in sales, it was a bit of a gamble to go out on his own, but one that certainly paid off.

James Donatossian with his wife. Credit: Instagram
James Donatossian with his wife. Credit: Instagram

Thanks to his hard-earned wealth, Donatossian is now the proud owner of six luxury cars - including a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, McLaren and a Mercedes - which are worth around $3.5 million ($2.3m US).

He parks his cars inside a ‘motivation room’ at his company’s headquarters and hopes to prove to staff they can achieve whatever they set their minds to.

He went on: “Since I was a kid I always had a picture of a Lamborghini in my room and always wanted to have one, now that I do I want to treat myself.

James has a 'motivation room' at his office. Credit: Instagram
James has a 'motivation room' at his office. Credit: Instagram

“I want to show people that they can do it too, I want to motivate my staff and show them that if you're working hard you can enjoy yourself too.”

Donatossian said he didn’t care if people thought his ‘motivation room’ was showing off.

“If you're successful or not, people are going to criticise you,” he said.

“People get motivated with what they see, but I'm easy going because once upon a time I didn't have any of it, I'm just a hungry person and I want to achieve more.”

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