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Woman's 'McDonald's lasagna' has people calling for her to go 'straight to jail'

Woman's 'McDonald's lasagna' has people calling for her to go 'straight to jail'

'That was some McBullsh*t'.

People on social media have declared a woman's 'McDonald's lasagne' so offensive she deserves jail time.

While many of us love Italian food and a good ol' burger, normally we tend to avoid eating them together. However, one budding chef on TikTok has completely ignored all the rules of Italian cuisine by combining the two.

Not only is her odd creation an overload of cheese - which may sound quite appetizing to some dairy lovers - it's also humongous and social media can't quite fathom why she created it.

TikTok is filled with amateur chefs, foodies and creatives concocting their own unique takes on classic dishes. In a nod to this trend, TikTok user @dong00126 shared her lasagne recipe - just in case you want to try making it yourself.

She begins by putting 10 Big Mac burgers into a dish and after using her hands to squish them down, the TikToker unloads some McDonald’s fries on top.

To make matters worse she unveils her secret ingredient – maple syrup – and drizzles ‘a healthy amount’ over the burgers and fries.

She uses Big Macs as the base of the lasagne.

“Trust the process,” she declares. “It’s gonna be so delicious.”

Next she pours a jar of tomato Bolognese sauce, then the ingredients are completely covered with two pounds of grated cheese.

Bacon is placed on top, with Canadian bacon – or ham – with more syrup, the chicken patties from chicken burgers, more tomato sauce and cheese slices.

The monstrosity of a meal is finally placed into an oven to cook for 40 minutes at 350 degrees to ‘slow cook’.

The TikToker’s guests are clearly in amazement when she unveils the creation and lifts a gigantic slice from her lasagne, with lots of audible gasps heard in the background.

She uses maple syrup.

Shockingly, we even see them try her lasagne and it doesn’t seem like they hate it.

Social media users on the other hand are less impressed, with one person on TikTok commenting: “I’m calling the police.”

Another snarky comment read: “That was some McBullsh*t.”

While a third simply wrote: “Jail.”

Some people were more concerned about how much money she ‘wasted’ on the video, with one comment suggesting: “She just wasted about $100 for nothing!!!!”

And another TikTok user penned: “I ran straight to the comments after I saw the syrup…”

Since it the video was shared on 25 January, it has accumulated almost 512,000 views.

Judging by the videos shared by the woman, it seems her ‘McDonald’s lasagne’ isn’t a serious recipe, rather a spoof of all the food hack videos on the app.

So, you can all go to bed tonight not worrying about whether people are actually eating this… or are they?!

Featured Image Credit: @dong00126/TikTok

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