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Man who has singular letter for a name explains why it’s such a pain

Man who has singular letter for a name explains why it’s such a pain

A man who has just one letter for his first name has explained in a viral TikTok how it is such a pain.

Certainty something we didn't expect to see when opening TikTok this morning was a man explaining the pain of having one letter for a name to the tune of a Nicki Minaj song.

Well, that's exact what happened and now the tune is stuck in our heads. Watch the catchy footage below:

This man goes by the name of D - yeah, that is it.

In the catchy TikTok to the tune of 'Super Freaky Girl' by Nicki Minaj, D explained the pain of having just a single letter as his first name, which he describes as a 'nightmare'.

He says that the problems range from buying a train ticket, buying something online or even filing taxes.

The man explains still to the beat of 'Super Freaky Girl', that when he types in his name on websites it says it is not valid.

He says websites usually say a valid name must have at least two letters, with D then having to go through all the paperwork and change his name.

The man explained his story to the tune of a Nicki Minaj track.
@hewhoisd/ TikTok

Usually, he explains that he will add a period to the D to make two letters, but then he frustratingly says that people then think the 'D' stands for something.

The man got asked so many questions he went back to his birth certificate to confirm his first name was just the letter D, but then he realised the period was on that too.

He concluded that his parents did the same thing that he does now, as in 1997, the computer system where you did birth certificates 'couldn't handle' one letter names.

So, legally the man came to the realisation that he has the period in his name.

He said 'it is really confusing and makes my life weird' so he just goes by his middle name Henry.

At least this complicated story has a simple ending.

To keep it simple D goes by the name of his middle name Henry.
@hewhoisd/ TikTok

The man has become quite the TikTok star, with the video having 7.7 million views and 1.5 million likes.

Fans of D have been reacting to the video in the comments on the social media platform.

One fan said: "D. thank you for sharing your story so eloquently over a classic beat... good stuff man."

A second viewer likely talking about his parents, added: "Why did they do this to you."

Meanwhile, a third said: "I cannot imagine how stressful this is every time."

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Featured Image Credit: @hewhoisd/ TikTok

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