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Woman goes to extreme lengths to manifest being an ‘overnight millionaire’

Woman goes to extreme lengths to manifest being an ‘overnight millionaire’

The TikToker shared the 'secret sauce' to success

A woman has shared the so-called secret to becoming a millionaire - and you don't need a college degree.

Apparently 88 percent of millionaires are college educated, with a further 52 percent having a master's or doctoral degree, as per research published last year.

With this in mind, you probably think it might be quite the struggle to generate such a huge income without it - but this TikToker says otherwise.

According to Anna (who goes by the handle @anna_pappp on the video sharing platform), you simply need to manifest it.

Anna goes to pretty extreme lengths to 'manifest' becoming rich, and has shared dozens of videos of her speaking like she's already hit the jackpot in what she's dubbed as 'the lottery project'.

Speaking on what's supposed to be the eighth day of her 'becoming an overnight millionaire', Anna shared a three minute-long video discussing how her body has reacted to her newfound wealth and the moment she saw the money land in her account.

Anna also went into detail about her parents coming to visit and her picking them up from the airport in what can only be described as a performance worthy of an Oscar.

TikToker Anna is manifesting a lottery win so she can become a millionaire.

She's so convincing that people had to ask in the comments section of the video if she's genuinely won the lottery.

"So have you actually won yet?" questioned one of her followers, to which Anna replied that she's just 'manifesting it'.

In a separate comment, Anna added: "Feel the feelings of a lottery winner and play along. Your brain doesn't know the different."

Even her TikTok bio reads 'Just won the lottery & I'm a millionaire'.

Despite making it clear that she's simply manifesting her win, dozens of others took to the comments section to congratulate her.

In a separate video, Anna shared the 'secret sauce' to becoming rich.

Anna confirmed that she hasn't actually won the lottery yet.

"Just quiet your mind," she says.

"Expand your intuition, and it will tell you the way [to become rich] because in your visualization you can see yourself as a millionaire. In your self concept, you've written down what a millionaire lifestyle is for you."

Anna further insists that the answer to become a millionaire is simply 'in you', and urges people to change their mindset in general.

Actual lottery winners have also shared their own advice over the years - and their prospect is much more simple.

Seven-time winner Richard Lustig said his top tip is to 'pick your own numbers and stick with them every time', which sounds slightly more feasible to me.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / anna_pappp

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