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'Brave' woman reveals what it’s like living in an abandoned hospital

'Brave' woman reveals what it’s like living in an abandoned hospital

It's super eerie...

A woman has been hailed as 'brave' for living in an abandoned hopsital.

TikToker Aisha Barratt documents her live living in an abandoned hopsital in London, England, because, well... it's pretty unusual.

Not many people would volunteer themselves to do it, but she does so as a means of paying lower rent.

It's something known as being a 'property guardian' in the UK, which is someone who lives in an empty building for low rent and takes care of the building in return.

Some people pay as little as £35 a week to live in properties like these, but it's unclear how much Aisha pays.

In one video shared to her TikTok page, Aisha shows what it's like walking round the hospital's eerie hallways and said that it can sometimes make her feel like she's 'the last woman on Earth'.

It's no longer a working hospital, and Aisha doesn't actually live there alone (because that would be extra scary).

As part of the property guardianship scheme she's on, another 150 people live in the large and centrally-located building.

Aisha lives in an abandoned hopsital.

She might not be alone, but people still think she's 'brave' for living there.

"Brave girl," one person wrote, as another said: "I could never."

"Hell nah you are a brave soul... couldn't be me," echoed another.

A fourth added: "I could get behind this reduced rent thing but could never stay in a hospital, too many ppl have died there/spirits etc."

A different person asked: "Aren’t you afraid of someone breaking in?"

Aisha replied to them: "That’s why we’re here, to stop that. Also, if someone did, they’d get lost and stuck lol."

In light of the size of the hospital, Aisha actually has a scooter to get around.

On other videos of Aisha's, people have asked if she's squatting - but this isn't the case.

Explaining exactly what a property guardian is, Aisha, who is a TV producer, said: "There's a building: an office, a school, a church, a hopsital.

"The owner wants to do something with it like demolish it, extend it, or turn it into something else but they need time for planning permission to go through.

"You don't want don't a tenant, you don't want a business in there, so you put some [property] guardians in there."

Aisha went on: "Guardians know that when you get your notice, you have to go. In exchange for that, guardians get cheaper rent [and] great locations."

In regards to the space that's actually hers, Aisha has her own room that she sleeps in and maintains herself, and the other guardians have their own rooms too.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@loveaishab

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