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Woman gets fired for mysterious antics at company Christmas party after promising she’d ‘behave’

Woman gets fired for mysterious antics at company Christmas party after promising she’d ‘behave’

Molly has kept her cards close to her chest after announcing she'd lost her job

Company Christmas parties are a long-held tradition, but despite how many disaster stories have come out of them in the past, there are always new ones to emerge.

Open bars and the excitement of imminent time off really shouldn't mix with bosses and executives, but we never learn.

I'm sure everyone has some sort of story to tell from their party this year, but one of the most mysterious has to come from TikTok user and *former* nursery worker Molly.

In a post on TikTok, Molly shared a selfie with a caption which read: "I promise I'll behave at the staff party."

Famous last words.

Molly quickly cut to the chase in her video, as she moved the picture on to a screenshot of an email with the subject 'Termination of Contract' from her company's director. They're not words you want to read at any time of year, let alone just before Christmas.

It seems Molly didn't keep her promise.

She censored the specifics in the email, but it's not hard to get the gist from the remaining paragraphs.

The email begins: "Dear Molly, It is with regret that I must confirm the outcome of my investigation into the events that took place at the staff Christmas party on Saturday evening."

After a few scribbled-out sentences, it continues: "... risked putting the reputation of the nursery into disrepute. This amounts to gross misconduct."

The employer reminded Molly that she was still on her probationary period at the time of the misconduct, leaving them with 'no option' but to terminate her contract with 'immediate effect'.

In a caption following on from her earlier promise, Molly added: "Gets sacked."

Of course, all of this begs the question - what the hell did Molly do?

Molly was still on her probationary period at the time of the party.

TikTok users have been begging Molly for a 'story time' after she posted the video at the weekend, but Molly has steadfastly refused - even ignoring offers of money in exchange for the story.

The TikToker claimed in a since-deleted follow-up video that there was another person who played an 'equal part' in the incident, though they're still employed at the business.

“Unfortunately, without her permission, I can’t actually upload a story time [explain what happened] again but I mean if she one day says ‘you know what, go ahead with it, just don’t use my name, whatever,’ then I will post it,” Molly said in the clip.

Until then, Molly appears to be brushing people off by offering one version of the party's events in her TikTok bio.

"What i did at the staff party- Had a roast turkey & orange juice! xx," it reads.

Likely story, Molly.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@m21lly

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