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Man claims people 'can't live any more' after sharing groceries he bought for $100

Man claims people 'can't live any more' after sharing groceries he bought for $100

The TikTok user was in shock by how much his 'very basic' items cost

A man has claimed people simply ‘can’t live any more’ after sharing the groceries he managed to buy for $100.

We’ve all got to the checkout with a haul of snacks and been shocked by the price. It’s a sinking feeling when you have to sacrifice one of your favorite bags of chips to save a couple of dollars.

But when your simple grocery shop takes a hit too it’s even worse than your midnight snacks being cut down.

And issues with the economy are making shopping for our essentials at the store a little tighter.

So to show just how bad it’s getting, a TikTok user by the name of Carenstino decided to create a clip showing what $100 worth of groceries works out as for him.

Highlighting the struggle, he captioned the clip: “I’m literally shaking from shock… something needs to change.”

After going grocery shopping for ‘very basic’ items, he says: “This is getting out of hand. It’s to a point where people can’t live.”

Carenstino shows his grocery shop, taking up a very small space on the large kitchen island, explaining it totalled up to $100.

“You’re telling me this is $100? This isn’t even barely anything to feed me for a couple of days," he adds.

He shows the items, including: a small pack of chicken, a dozen eggs, rice, juices, body wash, deodorant, English muffins, stationery and canned energy drinks.

“$100 for this? Excuse me?” he says to the camera, understandably, in disbelief.

His small selection of items cost him $100.

Even if you try to imagine the price for this shop at your local grocery store, it’s unlikely to be so high.

Yes, there’s a chance he did picked up the items from a more high-end store where it’s likely to be a little pricier but a whole one hundred dollars still seems crazy.

In the comments of the video, TikTok users also shared their shock, with one writing: “I used to make family dinner 6 years ago for $40. The same exact dinner cost $90 now.”

Another added: “Grocery prices have become absurdly high.”

And one user even claimed: “We’ve literally hit the point where it’s now cheaper to eat out.”

Others also recommended shopping at Aldi or Trader Joe’s to save some cash.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index previously showed that grocery prices were 5.8 percent more expensive in May than they were a year ago. Although, more recent figures show the them starting to cool off, finally.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@carenstino

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