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Man who refused to split $4,600 dinner bill sparks heated debate

Man who refused to split $4,600 dinner bill sparks heated debate

The friends were left arguing after the birthday dinner

A viral video showing a man absolutely going off after being asked to split a $4,600 bill has sparked a heated debate over who was right.

When you're out for dinner with friends, what's your usual reaction to getting the bill? Should you just pay for what you had, or save the hassle of getting out the calculators and just split it between you?

I imagine for a lot of us it probably depends on who you're with and what they ordered, but when TikToker Viccgotti, whose real name is Victor Christian, was asked to split the bill during a meal with his friends, he didn't entertain the idea for a second.

Before we really get into the subject of this video, I want to be the first to point out that the cameraman does a pretty good job of honing in on each person just before they start sharing their side of the argument.

It might be because the person behind the camera knew everyone so well that they knew exactly when they were going to chime in - or it might be because the video isn't quite as genuine as it's meant to be.

However, while Christian told Insider the group 'probably did maybe over exaggerate a little bit for camera', he claimed the argument was real.

Victor Christian has claimed his friends really did argue over the bill.

Either way, the video showed Christian shouting at his friends and pointing out that some of them ate and drank things from the pricier end of the menu. And considering the bill reached $4,600 (£3,500), it must have been one pricey menu.

The video claimed that one person 'wanted everyone to split the bill for her bday dinner', and as he shared it online Christian asked: "Who was wrong in this situation?"

TikTokers were quick to share their thoughts, but while some people agreed with Christian, others were adamant that splitting the bill was the only fair way to go.

The guests all ordered different things.

One particularly passionate person who sided with Christian wrote: "I WOULD NOT BE ARGUING!!!! I WOULD PAY FOR MY FOOD PLUS TIP!!!! PERIOD!!! IN MY CAR GOING HOME!!!!!"

Another argued: "If everyone gets something similar I'm all for splitting but if some people are going extra hard with food or drink then it's not fair."

A lot of people said they would be willing to split the cost of the birthday girl's food as well as paying for their own, while others had a different view entirely, with one writing: "I thought the birthday girl was supposed to pay the WHOLE bill since she invited you to her birthday?"

Christian said he ended up paying $24.58 (£19) for his own meal, but that the argument had taken a toll on his friendship with the birthday girl.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@viccgotti

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