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Homeowner shocked to look inside drain and find bizarre 'monster' living inside that's actually quite common

Homeowner shocked to look inside drain and find bizarre 'monster' living inside that's actually quite common

If you were planning on having a nice bath or shower tonight, I can only apologize

Planning on taking a nice, relaxing bath or shower tonight? Well, I'm here to ruin that experience for you.


To be more specific, it's a homeowner on Reddit who's discovery might just change the way you look at baths and showers forever - I'm just here to tell you more about it.

It all started on Sunday (February 18), when a Reddit user took to the 'r/WTF' thread with an important question: "Wtf is this monster in my drain?!"

The homeowner accompanied the post with a video which focused down through the plughole and into the drain, where an alien-like glob could be seen sitting with tiny tentacles moving all around it.

So they weren't lying about having a monster in their drain, and let's be honest, it's pretty stomach-churning.

Reddit users were able to identify the horrifying mass, however, but the information they divulged probably won't make you feel any better about the whole thing.

You really don't want to think about would could be beneath this drain.

After watching the video, one person replied: "Looks similar to a colony of tubifex worms. Creepy looking but not too uncommon apparently."

Indeed, tubifex worms - also known as sludge worms or sewage worms - are creatures that usually inhabit the sediments of lakes, rivers and occasionally sewer lines.

According to the site All About Worms, tubificid worms are known to congregate in pipelines to feed on the bacteria that gathers there.

Because of this, they prefer bodies of stagnant water.

The worms are usually discovered in groups, typically all balled up into one horrific mass like that caught on the Reddit video.

Nope. No thank you.

The worms can gather in pipes that haven't been properly cleaned, but I do have some good news: the worms are completely harmless to humans.

All About Worms recommends trying to move them to a puddle or pond as a 'preferable alternative to killing them', though admittedly, doing so would require a strong stomach.

After coming across the horrific site on Reddit, many users were left in denial about the fact the worms aren't that uncommon and simply refuse to believe such an awful creature could be hiding in their own drains.

"I am going to go on living thinking this is incredibly uncommon, thanks," one person wrote after coming across the video.

Another commented: "Yeah it’s best for my mental health to just believe this is a rare creature that can’t possibly live where I do."

So, we're all in agreement then? Let's just pretend we never saw this.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/SquishyPoop23

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