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Professional gambler reveals the mind-blowing moment he won $4.5 million at a casino

Professional gambler reveals the mind-blowing moment he won $4.5 million at a casino

He went to the casino with $500,000 and left with $4.5 million

A professional gambler has recalled the moment he won a whopping $4.5 million at a casino.

Mikki Mase is a content creator and professional gambler, and is known for his poker playing techniques.

Mase, whose real name is Michael David Meiterman, is particularly well known in Las Vegas and Los Angeles gambling communities and, with his gambling success in mind, he's said to have a huge net worth.

Mikki Mase is a professional gambler. (dirtygothboi/Instagram)
Mikki Mase is a professional gambler. (dirtygothboi/Instagram)

According to Techopedia, the 32-year-old's worth could be anything between $8.5 million to $43.5 million.

Mase hails from New Jersey, and reportedly began gambling at the age of just 13.

On a recent episode of Hustlers Gamblers Crooks, Mase recalled one occasion is Las Vegas were he came home with nine times the amount of money he started with.

Hailing himself as 'one of the biggest gamblers in Las Vegas history', Mase says at one stage of his gambling career, the 'whole city was out to get [him]' because of the amount of money he was making.

Mikki Mase pictured with Drake. (dirtygothboi/Instagram)
Mikki Mase pictured with Drake. (dirtygothboi/Instagram)

Recalling one day in Vegas in particular, Mase said: "I was in Vegas with my buddy Ian. I had a goal that day - and my goal was to win as much as I can as fast as I can.

"The problem is the casinos are so smart, way smarter than I'll ever be."

He went on to allege that casinos 'build edges against their players', so Mase knew that he needed to 'get in and out as fast as [he] could'.

Mase went in with $500,000, and first cashed out when he hit $1 million. He took the cash and moved onto a different casino.

The 32-year-old then doubled his money, before going to on to make $3 million and cashing out for a second time.

While the cashier was getting him the money, Mase claims that he made another $1.5 million in that time - bringing his grand total to $4.5 million.

He went on to speak of casinos' so-called 'secret cages'.

"All casinos have secret cages that are highly secure," he shared. "There are private rooms for large transactions."

Mase went on: "These rooms are also protected by security.

"$4.5 million weighs a lot - it weighed too much for me to carry.

"They didn't have any bags so, what we ended up doing was, I had security put the $4.5 million on a bell cart and push it through the casino to the valet where Ian had ran round and grabbed his [BMW] and pulled it to the doors."

Can you imagine going home with that amount of cash?

Please gamble responsibly. For help, support and advice about problem gambling, call the National Problem Gambling Helpline on 1-800-GAMBLER, 24/7.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Discovery

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