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Man paid private investigator to follow him for a month and people are shocked by what they found out
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Max Fosh

Man paid private investigator to follow him for a month and people are shocked by what they found out

The experiment saw the man hire a private investigator to see what he could find out, and the results were shocking

A YouTuber conducted an experiment in which he hired a private investigator to follow him for a month.

They may be the stuff of seedy dramas, but private investigators are very much a real profession.

It's fair to say that PIs lead a considerably less glamorous or exciting life than their televisual counterparts.

Bread and butter contracts could be anything from fraudulent insurance claims and gathering legal evidence to tracing birth parents or looking into theft at companies.

Max was photographed singing with a choir. (YouTube/Max Fosh)
Max was photographed singing with a choir. (YouTube/Max Fosh)

But yes, they are sometimes hired to follow a spouse who is suspected of cheating.

However, one YouTuber decided to test just how good private investigators are at their job when they're hired to shadow someone.

And what better way to do that than to hire them to shadow yourself and see what they find out?

That's exactly what YouTube prankster Max Fosh did, and the result of the investigation he launched against himself left him shocked.

Fosh got the investigator to shadow him for a full month, before checking in to see what they found out.

To make sure that the experiment wasn't tarnished by the investigator knowing from the get go why they'd been hired, he had a friend hire the investigator for him, then went about his business for a month.

Fosh was left shocked by what the PI discovered. (YouTube/Max Fosh)
Fosh was left shocked by what the PI discovered. (YouTube/Max Fosh)

He also showed that even hiring a PI can be a tricky business.

The experiment concluded and Fosh finally got to meet the person who had been shadowing him for the last few weeks.

You would expect such an encounter to be unsettling, but Fosh was still left shocked.

The information that came back showed some general footage of him going about his daily life.

This included shopping and playing some five-a-side football with his friends.

The investigator explained that he often works with people who want to catch their cheating spouse, so day to day observation was fairly simple.

Fosh was shaken when he saw the investigator for the first time, and didn't recognise him.

The investigator then rattled off Fosh's full name, parents' names, his address, and showed him some of the pictures he had taken over the past month.

More alarmingly, the private investigator then told him the password to his Wi-Fi router at home, and the password to his Instagram account.

Having access to a home Wi-Fi router would open up all sorts of information as well.

Here's how it turned out:

The investigator did have some security suggestions for Fosh as well, such as putting his passwords into a password manager.

This can encrypt your passwords and make it more difficult for people like the investigator to get hold of them.

People were shocked by the PI's discoveries.

One person wrote: "This was incredibly creepy to watch yet very entertaining."

A second posted: "It was sad to see you so shaken but it's also understandable and gave you a dose of reality of how easily this can happen."

A third joked: "Bro took 'buying followers' to a whole new level."

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