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Teacher who talks about work on OnlyFans account isn't worried about being discovered

Teacher who talks about work on OnlyFans account isn't worried about being discovered

Kayla Rose set up her account to supplement her income amid rising costs

After a school teacher in the US resigned over the discovery of her OnlyFans account, another educator who uses the site to make some extra money has said she's not worried about being caught.

Kayla Rose spoke out about her decision to start the OnlyFans page after teacher Brianna Coppage, from Missouri, made headlines for having an account on the subscription-based site.

Coppage was suspended from her job after the school district was made aware of her account, but Kayla expressed belief this was more likely down to the 'dramatic reaction' of parents and students, rather than Coppage's own actions.

"If she was an effective teacher, imparting valuable lessons to her students, her personal activities outside of school should not be of concern," Kayla said.

This is a belief Kayla, who teaches at a school in Eastern Europe, has implemented into her own life after she started her OnlyFans account in April.

The decision came five years after she started teaching, when 'rampant inflation' made it so that she could no longer make ends meet.

Kayla told UNILAD her earnings are 'roughly in line with the national average' for her location. According to a report by Euro News earlier this year, the annual gross starting salaries for teachers in Eastern European countries in 2020/2021 ranged from around $4,500 per year to around $21,000 per year.

With student loans from a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree, Kayla realized she'd need a way to supplement her income as prices started to increase.

Kayla Rose set up her OnlyFans account in April 2023.

"Through OnlyFans, I am able to [earn] approximately half of what I make as an educator. While this may not sound substantial, it has enabled me to maintain an average lifestyle without compromising on necessities like food and heating," she explained.

Kayla went on to reveal that while the 'primary motivation' to start her account was financial, she did also have other driving forces.

"Originating from a deeply conservative family, I had already embraced my sexual freedom during my college years and found great enjoyment in it," she explained.

"Therefore, I thought, why not monetize this aspect of my life? As I was struggling to meet my daily financial obligations anyways, it became kind of a no-brainer.

"If my salary were to increase now (which seems unlikely anyway), I would continue with my OnlyFans endeavour, as it offers both supplementary income and personal enjoyment."

Kayla doesn't believe her account is detrimental to her job.
John Phillips/Getty Images for OnlyFans

Though Kayla was confident in her decision to start an OnlyFans, she knew she had to keep it separate from her professional life - at least in one direction.

The OnlyFans model is willing to talk about life as a teacher with her fans on the platform, as 'many find it interesting and attractive'.

Vice versa, though? "That would never be the case!"

To avoid her students finding out about the account, she restricted access to her content in her own country using OnlyFans' geo-blocking feature, and avoids sharing images of her face on social media pages used for promoting her OnlyFans account.

"I do not have any fear that my students, their parents, or my colleagues will discover my OnlyFans account," Kayla said.

"Given the vastness of the internet and the sheer amount of OnlyFans models out there, randomly locating my profile would be akin to finding a needle in a haystack... I have great confidence in these precautionary measures to maintain my anonymity."

Kayla keeps her face out of photos to avoid being recognized.

If Kayla somehow did end up like Coppage, with the existence of her account revealed to the world, she made clear that she wouldn't choose to resign if she could avoid it.

"[I would] rather assert that it is an entirely personal pursuit conducted in my free time," she said - though she's not naïve about how others might react.

"I assume that I would be dismissed for that quite soon. Afterwards, I might be able to start at another school. But I do not think about that case often, I just hope it never happens," she said.

For now, Kayla is confident that her activities on OnlyFans do not impact her role as a teacher 'in any way'.

"I maintain a strict separation between my online persona and my professional life, ensuring that no one at my school is aware of my account," she said.

"I engage with OnlyFans during my leisure time, just as some of my colleagues participate in other leisure activities.

"So yes, off-duty, I am open about my sexuality, as are many of my friends or colleagues, but while they may attend events like swinger parties or have their one night stands, I engage in respectful online conversations with friendly strangers. I see no issue at all with this distinction."

Featured Image Credit: Nikolas Kokovlis/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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