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Mother who thought she was pregnant dies just weeks later aged 33 after misreading signs
Featured Image Credit: Facebook/GoFundMe

Mother who thought she was pregnant dies just weeks later aged 33 after misreading signs

Fiona Gallacher was experiencing abdominal pain and a swelling in her tummy, making her think initially that she was pregnant

A mom-of-four tragically died after mistakenly believing that she was pregnant.

Fiona Gallacher experienced abdominal pains and saw that her stomach had started to swell, making her initially think that she was expecting.

The 33-year-old had been experiencing the pains for around two months, but a test revealed this was not caused by a pregnancy.

After speaking to doctors, it was confirmed that Fiona had a form of cancer called adenocarcinoma, which is a type of cancer which grows in the glands of vital organs.

She was diagnosed with stage four cancer, meaning that it was at an advanced stage.

Stage four can also indicate that a cancer has spread to other parts of the body beyond where it originated.

Fiona with her sister Kellyann.

Fiona received her diagnosis on January 8, 2024, and died March 22, less than three months later.

She is survived by her four children Graham Hastie, 16, Kevin Hastie, 15, Emmaleigh Goldie, seven, and Charlie-May Mcfarlane, three.

At first Fiona, from Holytown in Scotland, believed that she was pregnant due to abdominal pains and her stomach swelling.

But a pregnancy test came back negative and she went into A&E, where medical staff quickly understood that something was seriously wrong.

Fiona then had surgery to remove an ovary and parts of her bowels.

Only a few days after this tests confirmed that she had an advanced form of cancer, and was given a life expectancy of just six months.

Fiona's sister Kellyann, 37, told Scottish newspaper The Daily Record: "Fiona started experiencing severe stomach pains but put it down to just feeling unwell.

Fiona on her 30th birthday.

"Her stomach suddenly swelled out and she couldn't keep anything down, she initially thought she was pregnant because of the way she was feeling.

"She was so swollen it did look as though she might be pregnant."

Paying tribute to her sister, Kellyann said: "Fiona was an incredibly selfless and amazing mum, her kids always came first. She also had a great sense of humour.

"Up until her very last day, she was making us laugh. She'd give laughter to anybody.

She added: "Our sister was a true inspiration and someone we will miss for the rest of our lives."

Kellyann also urged anyone who is experiencing any possible cancer symptoms to get themselves checked out as soon as possible.

She said: "We all play down our symptoms and always think it will never be you, but it isn't worth taking that chance. I would urge anyone experiencing abnormal stomach pains not to think twice about getting it checked out."

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