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Millionaire reveals one thing that ‘rich people do completely differently’ with money
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@taylor_money_

Millionaire reveals one thing that ‘rich people do completely differently’ with money

The millionaire and TikToker pointed out certain differences between millionaires and non-millionaires

A millionaire has claimed there's one thing rich people 'do completely differently' when it comes to money.

In case you were wondering, it's not 'get really good at saving'.

The claim comes from TikToker Taylor, who lives in Kauai, Hawaii and goes by 'Taylor Money' online.

The millionaire, who made $500,000 in one year when he was just 24 years old, has gained a following by sharing tips and advice for those looking to have bank accounts which look more like his.

It might take a while to reach millionaire status - if you're lucky enough to get there at all, that is - but if you do, Taylor claims you'll start to look at money a different way.

Taylor broke down the differences between 'middle class people and poor people', and said it had 'nothing to do with how much money they have in their bank'.

He explained: "Poor people think money exists to pay bills and keep themselves out of debt."

That seems like a pretty sensible way to view money, if you ask me, but then again, I'm not a millionaire.

Taylor says he became a millionaire aged 26.

Taylor went on: "They work for someone Monday to Friday, they exchange their time for money, and then they give it to someone else. It's a great way to scrape by in life and never get ahead."

As for middle class people, Taylor said they view money as a way to 'build credit' so they can get loans to 'buy bigger houses, bigger boats, bigger cars, whatever'.

Rich people, however, 'see the function of money for what it is actually meant to be', according to Taylor.

The TikToker described this as the 'number one thing that rich people do differently'.

He continued: "Rich people know that the function of money is expansion. [It] is to use your money that you make, to make more money.

"Instead of looking for opportunities to buy things that people don't need, rich people expect every single dollar they have to make them more money."

Taylor said only when you reach this understanding and see money as a 'vehicle for your own expansion' will the opportunities 'start presenting themselves for you to take'.

The millionaire's video has sparked mixed responses from viewers, with one person pointing out: "Yes, but first you need money to make more money."

However, another added: "even people with $5 in their pocket can use this mindset!! I think it's awesome!"

Hopefully, Taylor's advice will prove useful to some people, but personally, I think it's best I focus on paying my bills for now.

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