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Billionaire shares incredible plans for futuristic new $400,000,000,000 US mega city
Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@CityofTelosa

Billionaire shares incredible plans for futuristic new $400,000,000,000 US mega city

The city could be home to as many as five million people

Can you imagine a real-life city filled with driverless cars, UFO-like trains, and entire streets dedicated to nature?

Me neither, but billionaire Marc Lore can, and he's got plans to bring that vision to life in the form of the City of Telosa.

Like something straight out of the next sci-fi movie, Telosa is intended to be a new city in the US which 'sets a global standard for urban living, expands human potential, and becomes a blueprint for future generations'.

No pressure, then.

Plans for the city shared on the City of Telosa website show a futuristic landscape, with trains running underneath suspended tracks and nature living in harmony with skyscrapers.

Expected to be built in the middle of the desert between Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, the streets will be made for bikes and pedestrians, as the only cars allowed in the city will be slow-moving autonomous vehicles.

Transport will flow smoothly through the city.
City of Telosa

The city's parks are set to be home to reservoirs which store the water for the city, with fresh water cleaned and reused to create an 'efficient water system that is resistant to drought'.

Powered by renewable energy, Telosa will prioritize the environment, with politicians in the city held accountable as 'all meetings, calls, and correspondence with city officials will be part of the public record'.

It might sound too good to be true, but Lore is determined to create a better city after wondering about what would happen if the land was owned by a community endowment, rather than a landowner.

Marc Lore has high hopes for the city.
YouTube/City of Telosa

"If we bought, say, 200,000 acres and built a city of 5 million people, then those acres would go from being worth nothing to being worth about a trillion dollars," the Telosa website explains.

"If the community sold the land and created an endowment — similar to a university or hospital endowment — they could earn $50 billion a year. $50 billion that would go back to the citizens in the form of healthcare, education, jobs training, affordable housing, and more."

This kind of venture doesn't come cheap, though, and the city is expected to cost about $400 billion to build.

With Lore's plans to be 'the most open, the most fair and the most inclusive city in the world', hopefully it will be worth it.

Discussing the venture, he said: "If you really want to go after your moonshot, which I would consider this city to be, you have to start with a big, bold vision.

"You need to raise or acquire capital, you need to surround yourself with the very best people in the world.

"If you get those three things right, you can achieve incredible things."

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