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Man with incredibly high standards refuses to date 'ugly women' and won't 'settle for second best'
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@boerboelblade3

Man with incredibly high standards refuses to date 'ugly women' and won't 'settle for second best'

Kevin knows what he wants and won't settle for less

A man freely admitted he could be alone for a 'long time' as he opened up about his desire to meet someone with a 'high-end appearance'.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to finding their perfect match, and while attraction is important, it's also good to look at your compatibility.

It's good to know whether you share the same values, whether you want the same things in life and whether you actually enjoy each other's company. If all of those boxes are ticked, then why does it matter if they don't have the hair color you'd always dreamed of?

But for one man from Scotland, it's really all about the looks.

TikToker Kevin, from Fife, told The Sun he has high standards when it comes to love - and while no one wants to get in a relationship with someone they're not totally sure about, Kevin's requirements are a bit more demanding than most.

“I’m not into ugly women," he said, adding: “I’m not saying I’m Brad Pitt but I know I can pull reasonable women."

Kevin's ideal woman is attractive and busty with long hair - though he doesn't like it if that hair is put up in a hair tie.

Kevin is willing to wait for his perfect match.

Kevin went on to admit that it 'does make it harder to find someone if you’re only going for the high-end appearance', adding: "Your work is going to be a lot harder, and loads of other men are probably going to be after them."

However, for Kevin, the perseverance is worth it.

"I’m just not willing to settle for second best," he said. "I realise I could be on my own for a long time."

Even with his determination to find the best of the best, Kevin has previously managed to find people to strike up a relationship with, and has had a long-term relationship in the past.

He went on to date someone he met on TikTok, but the spark fizzled out after just one month of dating.

Kevin refuses to lower his standards.

Since he doesn't drink, Kevin doesn't go to bars where he could potentially meet partners, and instead turns to dating apps for help.

However, he found himself struggling to find anyone to commit to, saying: “A lot of women just don’t get back to you. The majority never message you.

“If you do get a message from a girl I can guarantee you she will be someone that’s not that good looking.

“I’ve lowered my standards before and I never enjoyed it. I’ll not be doing it again.”

While Kevin expressed belief he 'could have a girlfriend', he's happy to wait for the right person.

"Lots of men are single because they want to be and they refuse to settle," he said. "It’s a lifestyle choice.”

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