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Man discovers his 40 and 42-year-old children aren't his after 51 years of marriage
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Man discovers his 40 and 42-year-old children aren't his after 51 years of marriage

Turns out his two sons had two separate dads

A father made perhaps the most devastating discovery possible about his marriage after 51 years.

The man, whose name hasn't been shared, explained the ordeal in a video that's been doing the rounds on social media as of late.

He explained in his video that he has two sons with his wife of over five decades - one aged 40, and the eldest being 42.

The man shared two kids with his wife of 51 years and presumed they were his.
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Having always presumed that they were biologically his, the man didn't think twice about checking - but learned of his wife's previously infidelities by chance.

When the man and his sons were all being tested to see if they were eligible to donate a kidney to his brother, he discovered that his boys weren't biologically his.

"[We] needed to take a test to see if anyone of us had a kidney that was good enough for my brother," he divulged.

"Found out something interesting. They ain't my kids. They're somebody else's. Of course, the only good thing is I know that it's not my fault that those to idiots got dumped into this world."

Adding further insult to injury, apparently the two boys have different fathers as the the man's wife was 'bopping a couple of different guys'.

The father-of-two learnt that his adult sons weren't his.
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He further expressed his intentions to go home and draft up divorce papers to file against his wife, sharing that he'd only stayed with the 'crazy b*tch' for the sake of the kids and grandchildren.

The clip has since sparked a lot of conversation online about paternity tests being compulsory or not.

Someone suggested: "Paternity test should be standard protocol at all births. People need to know who their parents really are."

"Mandatory paternity should be a law," echoed another.

Others expressed the condolences to him, with one saying: "This is some serious pain. I wish him well."

A different person penned: "My God! I feel so sorry for the [him]. He was crying on the inside, so sad. I wish him well."

He expressed his intentions of divorcing his wife in light of the discovery.
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Sadly, this man isn't the first person this has happened to.

In 2021, High Court Judge Anthony Okorodas found out his three kids weren't his following a DNA test.

He'd split form his ex-wife 11 years prior, but received a tip in 2020 suggesting that his three children weren't biologically his.

Okorodas' ex had admitted that their youngest child was not his following the tip-off, but he still wanted to do testing on their two other children.

This went on to prove that they weren't his either.

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