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Woman shares question she asks in every job interview that's led to an offer every single time
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@catherine_lockhart

Woman shares question she asks in every job interview that's led to an offer every single time

She shared the one question which she claims has never failed her in a job interview, as well as what you shouldn't ask

A woman has shared the question to ask at job interviews which she claims always get the job in the bag.

There are any number of tips and tricks at interviews to help a candidate to secure a role.

Of course, this comes with a caveat that there's no substitute for doing your homework and learning about the role beforehand.

Nonetheless, Catherine Lockhart from Texas shared one question on Instagram which she claims has never failed her when it comes to interviews.

Picture it, you've answered all the questions the best you can and you get to that final question - 'do you have anything you'd like to ask us?'

It's probably a good idea to have something prepared for this one, after all they've been questioning you for the last half hour or so, why not turn the tables for a moment?

The question that Catherine says has never failed her aims to give her some further insight into what exactly an employer is looking for.

So, what is the question?

Catherine shared her advice on what to ask at an interview.
Instagram / catherine.lockhart

It's "what does excellence look like in this role?"

"It gives the interviewer an opportunity to explain a little bit more about the day-to-day functions of the role," she said, adding: "It lets the interviewer know that you're serious about performing and exceeding their expectations."

Another suggestion could be to ask the panel what it is they enjoy most about their jobs, to show a bit of curiosity and get a discussion going.

But what about red flag questions to avoid?

Well, Catherine's advice was basically anything about additional benefits or time off.

So, things which indicate to the interviewers you're more interested in the benefits than the job itself.

Let's be real, even though that may well be true, it's probably not a good idea to show it in the interview!

Catherine said: "Do not mention PTO (paid time off) - do not ask if they have any other benefits."

People agreed the tips could help at an interview.
Peter Cade / Getty

People took to the comments to share their views on the suggestion.

One person wrote: "Another great question to ask at the end is ask the interviewer 'what gives you the most satisfaction in your role?' (or something like that! They love to talk about themselves!)."

Another disagreed with the assertion that you shouldn't ask about PTO.

They wrote: "I am a recruiter and I'd have to disagree that you shouldn't ask about PTO, this is an employee's right to know and part of the compensation package."

A third replied: "I always ask this and what their favorite thing about working there is, there's a big difference in how they answer depending on their job satisfaction."

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