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Unidentified mystery object washes up on beach and people are baffled
Featured Image Credit: 10 News Perth

Unidentified mystery object washes up on beach and people are baffled

Police have confirmed one important thing, though

Beachgoers and police have been left scratching their heads after a mystery object washed up on the shores of Western Australia over the weekend.

The huge copper cylinder - which genuinely resembles some kind of sci-fi movie prop - randomly appeared in Green Head near Jurien Bay on Sunday (16 July), and quickly left locals stumped.

It appears to be around two metres tall and has some kind of cable or wire coming out of the top, as well as looking to have sustained quite a bit of damage.

The mystery object was reported to police, who believe it hasn't come from a commercial aircraft.

The object - which appears to have been ripped from its origin - is currently being treated as 'hazardous', with police asking the public to keep a safe distance from the site.

"The object is being treated as hazardous, until the origin of it can be established," a police spokesperson said.

“People in the area should keep a safe distance," they added. “We appreciate the public’s patience and cooperation during this investigation.”

So what on earth could it be? Well, both state and federal authorities are still trying to figure that out.

Police are currently investigating the mystery object.
10 News Perth

However, in the latest update on the mystery, a WA police statement confirmed the object has been deemed safe following analysis.

"An analysis of the object by the Department of Fire and Emergency Service and Chemistry Centre of Western Australia today has determined the object is safe and there is no current risk to the community," police said.

"This includes those who have come in to contact with the object prior to it being reported to police on Sunday.

“Recovery and safe movement of the item will be coordinated following formal identification of the item and its origin.

“We want to reassure the community that we are actively engaged in a collaborative effort with various state and federal agencies to determine the object’s origin and nature."

Of course, there are plenty of theories and suggestions swirling around to try and explain the bizarre discovery.

There has been plenty of theories about what the mysterious object could be.
10 News Perth

Aviation expert Geoffrey Thomas theorised that it could be a fuel tank from a rocket that had fallen into the ocean sometime in the last 12 months.

Meanwhile, the Australian space agency said it was looking into the object, confirming in a statement: "The agency is working to confirm whether the object could be part of a foreign space launch vehicle that has washed up on shore, and liaising with global counterparts who may be able to provide information about the object."

There was also speculation the object could have been a part of flight MH370 - a plane that went missing off the west Australian coast back in 2014, but those rumours have been shut down, especially since police have already confirmed it hasn't come from a plane.

"It's not any part of a Boeing 777 and the fact is MH370 was lost nine and a half years ago so it would show a great deal more wear and tear on the debris." Thomas said.

Police have been unable to confirm any further details, but said the investigation is ongoing.

The mystery continues...

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