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Family who turned down $50m from developers who built suburb around their home will continue to decline offers
Featured Image Credit: 7News

Family who turned down $50m from developers who built suburb around their home will continue to decline offers

The determined family have declined the massive amount of money to leave their beloved Australian home

The owners of a house which sits in the middle of rows of new-builds declined $50 million to give up their property and move off the land.

If someone offered you a cushy $50 million to move out of your home, would you take it?

A good portion of us would probably leap at the chance. After all, you could just buy another house... or four.

But one family has shown that they can't be bought as they continue to decline huge cash offers to move from their abode.

The Zammits have been the proud owners of the 20,000 sqm property in Quakers Hill, in Sydney's west, for many years.

The plot of land is now, pretty awkwardly, sat among endless new-build development houses.

It has stood exactly where it is for decades, much like the owning family, who are determined to resist the development of their coveted plot of land at any price.

The family was offered an eye-watering $50 million, but they declined.

The Zammit family won't be shifting any time soon.

They even told those who wish to level their property and throw up loads of expensive houses on the site to keep ‘dreaming’.

As you can see from the pictures and above video, it sticks out just a bit in the area.

But, while other neighbors have upped sticks and left, allowing the developers to move in, the Zammit family aren’t budging.

Even the real estate agents are impressed, with local agent Taylor Bredin telling 7News: “The fact that most people sold out years and years ago, these guys have held on. All credit to them.”

He continued: “Depending on how far you push the development plan, you’d be able to push anywhere from 40 to 50 properties on something like this, and when subdivided, a 300 square metre block would get a million dollars.”

So, that means that whole lot would be worth massively more than that.

Diane Zammit has spoken nostalgically of the ‘farmland dotted with little red brick homes and cottages’ that used to be the hallmark of the area.

The area is quite different these days.

She told Daily Mail Australia: “Every home was unique and there was so much space - but not anymore."

Even those who have moved into the area are glad the Zammits have stood their ground.

One nearby resident said: "I'm very happy they've refused to sell - it means we have a cul-de-sac which is much safer for our kids - and their big lawn next to us makes it feel like we've got so much space.

"Our neighbors don't get that because the other houses are so close together.

“We're very grateful! I hope they stay."

Well, it certainly doesn’t seem like they’re leaving any time soon.

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