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Europeans can't get over things Americans see as normal
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Europeans can't get over things Americans see as normal

The difference between US and Europe is huge on these things

The USA can have huge differences compared to the rest of the world, and that includes everything from portion control, driving, toilets and even maternity leave.

The differences are so huge that some Europeans have been left pretty shocked by what is deemed 'normal' in the US, but wouldn't be the same if it happened in Europe.

One Reddit post has asked "What is usual in America, but isnt in Europe?" and the differences between Europe and the USA are wild.

Europeans have been sharing some of their wild differences between the USA and Europe.

One major response includes: "Really short time for maternity leave in the US compared to European counties. In the US, some women go back to work as early as 6 weeks which is inconceivable here."

One user replied as they pointed out, "1 in 4 working mothers goes back to work within 2 weeks of giving birth in the US. This is a horrific country."

This point seemed to gather strong opinions as another compared the US to the rest as they wrote, "I think the USA is the only part of the world that doesn't have proper mat/parental leave.

"Even canada, if you're working, you need to apply for Employment insurance, in which that money is taken off of your bi weekly paycheque and put into your CRA (Canadian revenue agency) account. You'd then get an access code to start off your payments for the 12 or 18 months off. Guaranteed a spot back at your job since you're still employed there but you're on leave for the time being.

"I just wonder how America's have children, considering the hospital bills, childcare and possibility of losing their job if they're not back during their time off. [sic]".

Others based in Europe pointed out the huge difference, with mothers seemingly more supported outside of the USA. One person added, "Man that's rough... in swe the child has 480 days which you can distribute between the mother and the father. (If you're a single parent you obviously get all of the days)".

Another, based in Germany, joined in as they responded, "Also paid time off. In Germany we've got at least 20-24 days per year. A lot of companies even go up to 30 days. If you don't take them, they can even kinda force you to."

Maternity leave proved to be a huge difference, with many people shocked the basic is only 2 weeks in the US.

Others pointed out less important issues, as one remarked: "Insanely large portions of food at restaurants".

Yet one savvy response pointed out, "more food to take home".

Another pointed out a difference as they added, "Driving 2000 miles/3219 KM and still being in the same country that you started driving in. Not only that but the landscape and wildlife could be completely unlike where you started from."

One user pointed out that the US is so vast it can mean you haven't even crossed state lines, as they replied, "I can drive for 791 miles and still be in the same state."

Another joke response included, "Amount of water in toilets" which gathered a lot of replies. One European wrote back, "This SHOCKED me when I was in America. So much water, such a high water line. It made me feel…vulnerable. Is there a reason for this?"

Yet Americans have found it weird in Europe as one US resident pointed out, "Man this completely threw me for a loop when I visited Ireland earlier this year. And on top of that it's like you had to hold the button down forever just to get it fully flush everything!"

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