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Woman celebrates 114th birthday with five generations of family by her side
Featured Image Credit: ABC 13 / GMA

Woman celebrates 114th birthday with five generations of family by her side

Elizabeth Francis, from Texas, celebrated her 114th birthday this week with five generations there to celebrate.

While the number of people over the age of 100 is relatively small in comparison to the US population, the number of centenarians has nearly doubled since the year 2000.

There are in fact over 90,000 people in the US alone who are over the age of 100, though that number does decrease for those who are 110+.

These people who have obviously been eating their greens during their huge lifespan are known as 'super centenarians', and it is very much an exclusive club.

One of those club members is Elizabeth Francis, who turned 114 this week. To celebrate, five generations of her family came together to mark the special milestone.

Also at her birthday bash was a film crew from Norway and researcher Ben Meyers, who follows people across the globe who are basically rather old.

The presence of them at parties does show how significant of an achievement Francis' birthday is, with her being the oldest person living in Texas, according to Meyers.

"She is the oldest in Texas, the oldest living person in Texas, number two in the United States, number seven in the world, and number two in the world who lives at home. You live in your castle," he told ABC 13.

Elizabeth Francis is the oldest person living in Texas.
Good Morning America

Francis was also interviewed by the outlet, when she was asked how it feels to make it the age of 114.

"I don't know, I just thank the good Lord for keeping me," she said.

While having a healthy lifestyle is obvious, Francis' long life also seems to be due to genetics.

Her sister lived to the impressive age of 106, her daughter is currently 94, while her granddaughter and carer is 68.

Ethel Harrison, Francis' granddaughter attributes her grandmother's long life to her lifestyle.

She told ABC 13: "Whenever you went to her house, I don't care what day of the week, she was cooking. So I just think that had a lot to do with it too. Just how she took care of her body and things like that."

Harrison went on to say her grandmother's generosity has passed through five generations.

The generosity has passed on through the generations.
ABC 13

"Treating people like you want to be treated, even though sometimes it might not be reciprocated, but that's not the way God wants you to do," she said.

"He wants you to be generous and kind."

Geriatric Physician Holly Holmes spoke to ABC 13 providing a medical point of view; she suggested Francis had done everything right to live a long and healthy life.

Francis told ABC 13 she has never touched a cigarette or drank alcohol - cheers for the advice Francis.

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