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Baba Vanga made terrifying predictions for 2024
Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Kirill Rudenko/Getty Images

Baba Vanga made terrifying predictions for 2024

The Bulgarian mystic made some predictions we should watch out for

The new year always brings with it a sense of optimism, but if Baba Vanga's predictions for 2024 are right, there are a few disasters we should probably prepare for.

The Bulgarian mystic might have passed away in 1996, but she left behind numerous predictions for the future, many of which have turned out to be true.

Over the years, Vanga has been credited with predicting events including the 9/11 attacks, the Chernobyl tragedy and the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Her apparent knack for predicting the future even continued into this year, when she reportedly anticipated solar activity which would impact Earth.

This prediction seemed to at least partly come true in August, when NASA detected a sunspot which could result in solar flares and 'coronal mass ejections’ of solar plasma, which can impact power grids here on Earth.

Admittedly there is a notable lack of written records of Baba Vanga's predictions, but as the years pass and she continues to receive credit, it's clear many people are convinced by her abilities.

Baba Vanga is credited with predicting a number of global events.

With that in mind, here's what Vanga expects to happen in 2024:

1) Vladimir Putin is targeted by an assassin

Vanga has reportedly claimed that a fellow citizen will attempt to kill the Russian president, who was responsible for launching the military operation that began the ongoing war in Ukraine.

2) Biological weapons and increased terrorist attacks

The mystic alleged that the number of attacks would increase in Europe, and that a 'big country' is set to test biological weapons in the new year.

3) Huge economic crisis

Many people would argue that we've been in an economic crisis for long enough now, but Vanga expected more to come due to geopolitical tensions, a shift in economic power from the West to the East, and escalating debt levels.

Baba Vanga didn't have high hopes for 2024's economy.

4) Terrifying weather events

This prediction is definitely among the most likely to come true due to ongoing climate change, which is resulting in increasingly extreme weather events. According to Vanga, though, there's more to come on top of what we've seen already.

5) Cyber attacks

Definitely among the most impressive of Vanga's predictions, considering the internet was only in its infancy when she passed away, the mystic suggested hackers will increase their attacks.

She claimed cyber attacks will take place against vital infrastructure, in turn creating a danger to security.

6) New treatments

Thankfully Vanga did also have some more positive predictions, too, as she anticipated that new treatments may become available for illnesses that are currently considered to be terminal.

Only time will tell whether Vanga's predictions for the upcoming year will come true, but if her track record is anything to go by, we should probably start preparing ourselves now, just in case.

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