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Estranged identical twins who were separated at birth ended up living the exact same life

Estranged identical twins who were separated at birth ended up living the exact same life

Jim Lewis and Jim Springer were separated at birth, but went on to live very similar lives

A pair of identical twin brothers who were separated at birth remarkably ended up living incredibly similar lives.

Jim Lewis and Jim Springer, who have also become known as the 'Jim twins' in recent years, have similarities you'd never expect.

Of course, the identical twins are going to look extremely alike, though their similarities go a lot further than that.

The first is one that neither had any control of: the name their adopted family decided to give them.

And against all the odds, the twins were both called James by their respective parents, but both preferred to be known as Jim for short.

From here on out, the similarities keep on coming.

Living about 40 miles apart and not knowing they were brothers separated at birth, their life stories are so similar in places that we might as well just write about them as if they're one person.

Both Jims had married twice - with both of them going on to marry a woman called Linda.

Jim and Jim. (YouTube)
Jim and Jim. (YouTube)

But when things didn't work out and they divorced, the identical twins each met a woman called Betty.

Yep, both Jims went on to meet two separate Bettys, and even ended up getting married.

The similarities don't stop there as the two men discovered they had the same taste in beer and preferred to smoke the same brand of cigarettes.

When they were asked to be part of a scientific study they got incredibly similar results for tests determined to work out their personality and medical history, and when they were asked to draw a picture they both drew the same thing.

Fortunately, there are some differences, otherwise this would be in incredibly eerie tale, as one twin ended up getting married a third time to a woman named Sandy, which was not emulated by the other Jim, much to the relief of his wife.

There are so many similarities. (YouTube)
There are so many similarities. (YouTube)

In February 1979, the Jim Twins were finally reunited at the age of 39.

There are other surprising examples of twins living incredibly similar lives, with multiple cases of twins having children on the exact same day as their sibling.

Who knows, maybe you have a long lost identical twin somewhere out there living almost the exact same life as you?

Though we doubt such a story will reach this level of similarities.

Featured Image Credit: Handout/YouTube/The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

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