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Old lady brutally body shames woman after seeing her Taco Bell order
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@juliasaysstuff

Old lady brutally body shames woman after seeing her Taco Bell order

The woman was mortified after being body shamed

A woman has recalled how she was body shamed in Taco Bell by an elderly lady who spotted what she'd ordered.

TikToker @juliasaysstuff admitted she'd 'hit rock bottom' after the comment from the woman, who had noticed her Taco Bell order over her shoulder.

The TikToker explained what had happened in a video, revealing she had been minding her own business, checking her order was all present and correct, when the woman made the unsolicited comment.

Julia says she was body shamed in Taco Bell.

No matter what we order at Taco Bell, we certainly don't need to be judged for it.

If we want two of something, we'll have it.

If we want *three* of something, that's no-one's business either.

But the woman unfortunately decided to make a comment which Julia admitted left her pi**ed off.

You can watch the video below:

Julia explains: "I think I just got body shamed at Taco Bell. So I walk into Taco Bell, I order a bean burrito, and then two of these fiesta potatoes side.

"They call my name at the counter, I get the to-go order, and I take everything out to make sure it’s in there, because my Taco Bell is pretty good at messing up orders.

"I take out my burrito and I take out my two fiesta potatoes, and I’m like, ‘Perfect, everything’s here.’”

Julia explains that there was an elderly lady behind her who tapped her on the shoulder.

“I turn around, and she goes, ‘Don’t you just love it when they accidentally give you two of something when you only ordered one?'

"So I have no idea what to say, but I’m like, ‘Oh, I actually ordered two on purpose.’ She looks me up and down and she goes, ‘Probably shouldn’t have.’”


The woman was ordering from Taco Bell.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Julia said she was left in shock over the dig, especially considering the granny was also at Taco Bell herself and was therefore also eating the food, presumably.

“Because if you’re at Taco Bell, guess what? You’re eating Taco Bell, too. So it’s not like you’re a health queen, granny," she added.

People were horrified at the video, with one person commenting: "This stresses me out. The audacity!!"

While another added: "The Fiesta potatoes are so bomb though and one tiny order is never enough no matter your size."

And a third said: "No one eating at Taco Bell deserves the right to judge another’s order at Taco Bell. That is the unspoken Taco Bell creed."

We just don't need this kind of negativity in our lives, right?

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