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'Religious zealots' turn away from house after seeing that doormat says 'gayest place in town'

'Religious zealots' turn away from house after seeing that doormat says 'gayest place in town'

The two men didn't even knock after reading the doormat

A couple have found the impacts of their rainbow-patterned doormat spread far beyond cleaning shoes, as footage shows two 'religious zealots' walking away as soon as they saw it.

TikTok user Jamie Foust and her wife purchased their doormat earlier this year while celebrating pride month, which falls in June in the US.

The doormat is mostly coloured a classic 'doormat' brown, but it's bordered with multicoloured squares and features the words 'Gayest place in town' in large, 70s-style bubble letters. Jamie had dubbed the doormat a 'great investment', but it seems not everyone is quite as enamoured with it.

Check out the reaction of two callers below:

Jamie took to TikTok to share the video after it was captured by a camera outside her house, showing two men dressed in shirts and ties eyeing up the doormat as they approached the front door.

The identity of the men is unknown, but they were both wearing name tags and were carrying books. This prompted Jamie to express belief they were members of a religious organisation who were coming to her door to attempt to share information about their faith.

It's no secret that many religions are not accepting of same-sex relationships, which might be why the two men knew the people living at 'the gayest place in town' probably wouldn't make for a particularly keen audience.

Jamie revealed the doormat after her video went viral.

After taking a second to stand and read the doormat's declaration, the men made a swift U-turn and walked away from the house, without even risking a knock.

Alongside the footage, Jamie wrote: "My wife and I recently got a new door mat. It was a great investment. It says “gayest place in town” and has the added benefit of keeping religious zealots from knocking on our door to tell us about their god."

Jamie's video has been flooded with comments from amused viewers, with many praising the doormat for preventing the pair from knocking on her door.

One person commented: "PLEASE the way they just walk away [laughing face] they’re afraid of the rainbow."

Another TikToker wrote: "This wins the internet today!!"

Many other viewers begged Jamie to reveal where she got the mat from, asking her to 'send the link' so they could buy it for themselves. In the wake of the video's success, Jamie shared another clip explaining she and her wife had picked up the mat from Target during pride month.

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Featured Image Credit: @jamie.foust94/TikTok

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