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Good Samaritan saves woman's life after pulling her out of car submerged in pool

Good Samaritan saves woman's life after pulling her out of car submerged in pool

The woman drove her car in the pool and was subsequently stuck as the water came flooding in.

A good Samaritan ended up saving a woman's life after he pulled her out of a car submerged in a swimming pool.

While car accidents often result in tragedy, good samaritans are sometimes there to well and truly save the day.

That is certainly the case here as Fort Lauderdale police responded to an incident at 2900 NE 30th Street in the Florida city.

Police were called after a woman drove her silver sedan into a swimming pool, which resulted into her fully submerging her vehicle.

On Tuesday (4 July) afternoon, as many in the US were gearing up for the night of good food and fireworks ahead, this particular woman took a dunk in the swimming pool at the back of a small apartment building.

The driver crashed through a wooden fence, subsequently plunging her car into the pool of water.

T.J. Yarborough was one of those who witnessed the incident and swiftly reported it to the police.

T.J. Yarborough witnessed the crash and very quickly jumped to action.

But before then, Yarborough helped the driver who was stuck in her car and in the pool, with him recalling: "I’m just going home to eat my lunch, that car came crashing into the pool."

The hero continued: "She was pretty shocked, she’s a young girl and I can imagine how shook she was, she was gathering her phone in her purse but the water was coming up.

"I couldn’t get the door open but the window, the electric still works on the window, so the window still went down.

"She started climbing through the window and I just grabbed her and put her to the side."

Meanwhile, the vehicle was lifted up and the driver was thankfully in a stable condition.

"She is good, she is safe, she is just a little shook up," Yarborough added.

The woman was rescued from her car.

As the vehicle was rescued from the swimming pool, camera crews were on site capturing the moment as a shed ton of water came pouring out of the sedan as it was lifted by a crane.

Law enforcement officers have since confirmed there were no injuries as a result of the crash, with residents able to use the pool once again.

Local residents have since told local news channels that kids would often use the pool, so it is certainly lucky no children were using it at the time of the accident.

Featured Image Credit: WSVN-TV

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