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First cousins reveal they're in relationship by sharing kissing photo in family group

First cousins reveal they're in relationship by sharing kissing photo in family group

Michael Lee and Angela Paeng shocked their family by sending a picture of themselves making out to the family group chat.

A couple – who are first cousins - decided to skip ‘soft-launching’ their relationship to their family by dropping a picture of themselves making out in the family Facebook group.

Reality television often reveals unusual romances and lifestyles but viewers have been left in shock watching Michael Lee and Angela Paeng – who are related – make out passionately as they recount the moment they told their loved ones that they were together.

Both cousins grew up in Utah and they were always close pals as children, mostly because Paeng’s dad and Lee’s mum are brother and sister.

They always felt a connection and while reminiscing about their childhood crushes on each other, Lee told Extreme Love about a time in second grade when he and his cousin slow danced together in a closet before they were caught kissing.

When their respective parents discovered just how close the pair were becoming, they decided to keep the cousins apart for a while, which Paeng compared to Shakespeare’s tragic tale of forbidden love - Romeo and Juliet.

They married other people once they got older but subsequently divorced their respective partners.

Angela Paeng compared their relationship to Romeo and Juliet.
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The cousins were finally reunited at a family gathering following their respective divorces and both Lee and Paeng said they instantly felt a spark.

Now in adulthood, the pair admitted their feelings for each other and decided to start a relationship, which remained a secret for a little while.

Although introducing a new partner to your family can be daunting sometimes, when that person is your first cousin, we can only imagine how nerve-wracking it must have been.

The couple decided to skip pulling each family member aside for a chat or speaking with them one-on-one.

The cousins reunited as adults.
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Instead, they broke the news to their family by dropping the ultimate bombshell – a full-on kissing photo with tongues included - to their family Facebook page.

As you can already guess, it didn’t go down very well.

"They were shocked and horrified," Lee recalled.

The couple don’t seem very bothered by their family's reaction, though, and have even gotten married - though in Colorado, since it's illegal in Utah.

The couple aren't afraid of a little PDA either, despite backlash to their coupling, as they happily swapped saliva and tickled each other’s tonsils on camera.

Angie and Michael were kept apart as children.
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In 2019, the couple were expecting their first child together, but the doctor sadly couldn't find a heartbeat.

However, the cousins confirmed they were expecting again six months later and were delighted when they welcomed their son Eric in 2020.

Extreme Love is available to stream now on Amazon Prime.

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