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People are only just now discovering what the different washing machine trays are for

People are only just now discovering what the different washing machine trays are for

You know those different trays you've got in your washing machine? Time to learn what they're for.

People are only just learning what all those different little trays in their washing machine drawer are supposed to be for.

Let's face it, when it comes to appliances around the home there's always at least one thing you have no idea about but seem to have done fine without until now.

One of the tougher devices to figure out is the washing machine, which has all sorts of different modes and settings you've definitely never used.

Most people know how to put a wash on, and maybe they also know how to use a couple of different settings depending on the material they're washing.

Luckily, most washing machines are kind enough to tell you what each setting is, even if you're not sure what the difference between 'easy care' and 'delicates' is meant to be.

However, what's harder to figure out is that little drawer in the corner with the three different trays for different things, but luckily for you we're here to help.

Now, you could work this out the old fashioned way by checking the instruction booklet that came with the damn thing but you probably don't even know where that is, besides, you're here already so we might as well tell you.

On most washing machine drawers if you pop it open you'll see three separate trays you can pour stuff into marked with a 'I', an 'II' and a flower symbol.

The tray with a 'I' above it is your pre-wash compartment, so if you're doing a pre-wash to tackle those tough stains ahead of the main wash that's where you put the detergent.

Obviously, nobody in their life has ever used this particular tray because why pre-wash when you can just wash, but now you know how it works, which might help you out in some sort of washing machine focused pub quiz.

As for the tray with a 'II' over it, that's where you put the detergent for the main wash, unless you're using detergent where you fill up the cap and chuck it in the drum with everything else.

And as for the tray with the flower symbol, that's where you pour the fabric softener, which is something your parents probably use and you probably don't

Getting the right stuff in the right tray is crucial to a good wash as it means whatever you poured in there gets released into the drum at the correct time.

It's important to learn the symbols as washing machine manufacturers sometimes mix the trays around, with a favourite move of theirs sticking the fabric softener tray in the middle instead of putting it on the end.

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