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Woman Starts Debate After Worker Draws Heart On Her Boyfriend's Receipt

Woman Starts Debate After Worker Draws Heart On Her Boyfriend's Receipt

Some people say they 'wouldn't let that slide' while others thought it was a harmless gesture

A woman has sparked a debate on TikTok after a restaurant worker drew a love heart on her boyfriend’s receipt, with some saying they 'wouldn't let that slide' and others failing to see the issue.

TikTok user @bbynellz posted a clip to the platform showing a typical paper bag used for takeaway orders - stapled to the bag was a receipt for the order, but on the receipt the member of staff who had packed up the food had drawn a large love heart. 

In the video, the woman can be heard saying: “Got this f***ing food, my boyfriend ordered and this bitch is going to put a heart around his f***ing name.”

She then turns to her boyfriend and asks: “Who is this bitch?” before asking if he knows anyone who works at the restaurant. 

The boyfriend seems to find the situation fairly amusing and can be seen smiling as his girlfriend questions the little drawing on the receipt. 

Posting the clip, the TikTok user wrote the caption: “but naw frl why she did this [sic]" while she overlayed a string of crying emojis across the bottom of the video.

Since it was shared, the clip has been viewed more than one million times and has divided opinion, with some agreeing that the heart is a bit much and others thinking it’s no big deal. 

One fellow TikTok user wrote: “I would have called and asked why they did it.”

Another commented: “I would have gave them 1 star review.”

While someone else said: “Personally I wouldn’t let that slide.


However, several people who worked in the hospitality industry admitted to doing it themselves and said it didn’t mean anything, but maybe they'd have a rethink before doing it in future.

“Nah cause I do this to every order I bag LMFAOO maybe I gotta stop,” said one. 

A second person agreed: “I work at Hooters and do this with everyone’s order, guy or girl, didn’t even think about how this could be interpreted wrong.”

Another commenter joked: “Na cause someone def made a TikTok at the restaurant being like ‘I like to add hearts to be toxic and messy’.”

And to be fair, if that was the plan then it's pretty much worked perfectly.

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@bbynellz

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