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Man shuts down ‘Karen’ who complained about elaborate Christmas decoration display

Man shuts down ‘Karen’ who complained about elaborate Christmas decoration display

A man snapped at a 'Karen' online who complained about an extravagant Christmas lights display.

In a real-life version of movie Deck the Halls, internet users are warring over how far is too far when it comes to Xmas lights.

Christmas can be a great time for togetherness, laughter, joy and all the warm cozy feelings with friends and family.

And just like Halloween some people love the opportunity to show their creativity in how they celebrate the festive season at their homes.

One video on TikTok went viral earlier this week with over 25 million views showing just how impressive a Christmas display can be.

The lights cover virtually the entire home and front garden but that isn’t even the best bit.

According to social media users, the lights can be connected to local radio stations and light up in time with the beat, making for quite an impressive display.

This is shown in the video as a dubstep remix of the traditional Christmas song 'Deck the Halls' allows for quite the festive performance.

However, one user seemed less enthusiastic and quickly drew the ire of another TikToker.

One video on TikTok went viral as it showed just how impressive a Christmas display can be.
TikTok / the_reallistone

The user wrote: “I feel like there should be a rule by how flashy Christmas lights can be."

The poster quickly retorted: “We’re all supposed to cater to you and your feelings, Karen?

"If you don’t like it just keep scrolling, problem solved."

Other users seemed to be more in the Christmas mood of things and loved the display.

“[This is] what I mean when I say let’s go drive around and look at Christmas lights,” one user commented.

“How the hell is everything coordinated?? I've never understood and I don’t want to. Keep the magic alive,” another user commented.

“Someone: man is there any raves during Christmas? Me: I know a place,” joked another.

The TikTok video got many users in a festive mood.
TikTok / the_reallistone

“Them casually sitting on their couch while their house is putting on a show for the whole neighborhood,” added another user.

Though there were still some users who were concerned that due to the lively lights, the neighbors might not sleep so easily

As well as this, others were concerned that this would really increase the electricity bill for the occupants.

But as far as I’m concerned, that is a small price to pay to bring back Christmas cheer.

Though couldn't hurt to inform the neighbors of your plans.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / the_reallistone

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