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Chinese Government forced to build freeway around tiny house after owner refused to move

Chinese Government forced to build freeway around tiny house after owner refused to move

Bizarrely, Ms Laing's one-storey home is now sandwiched between two lanes of a motorway bridge.

After a homeowner refused to move out of their house, the Chinese government was forced to build an entire freeway bridge around the tiny abode.

A resident, known only by her surname, Liang, was apparently asked to move out of her Guangzhou-based home so that developers could demolish it.

However, it’s said that the woman, who lives in the city of Guangzhou, declined their offer because the Chinese Government apparently didn’t give her a replacement property in an ideal location.

Due to not being shown a satisfactory alternative, Liang said she was happy to remain in her home and deal with the consequences of her brave decision.

According to footage released by local media company, Guangdong TV, the house - known as a ‘nail house' - is a one-storey home.

It’s also claimed that the plot contains a small 40-square-metre (430-square-foot) flat.

Despite having brilliant views before the motorway was built, the accommodation is now sandwiched between two lanes of the freeway bridge.

To make things sound even worse, the dingzihu now sits in the middle of four lanes of traffic.

Liang's house has become a spectacle.

In an interview with MailOnline, Liang said: “You think this environment is poor, but I feel it's quiet, liberating, pleasant and comfortable.”

It’s reported that officials decided that Liang’s address was going to become a demolition project in 2010, and would eventually be replaced by the mighty Haizhuyong Bridge.

Ten years later, work was eventually completed on the bridge. However, in 2023, the removal of the little nail house is still yet to take place.

47 homes and seven businesses were demolished from the area.

According to authorities, the stubborn resident was offered a variety of homes to move into and also rejected many compensation schemes.

A source close to the project allegedly told local media that, “Ms Liang had demanded the government give her four apartments, but the government had only agreed to two.”

Before giving the resident the green light to stay, engineers apparently studied the relevant safety issues. When they gave the all-clear, Liang was allowed to stay and bridge construction began.

Authorities apparently continue to communicate with the 'stubborn' resident.

Following the completion of the freeway, Government officials have stated that they will continue to communicate with the homeowner so that she feels safe and secure in her Guangzhou home.

According to Metro, Laing is the only person remaining out of the 47 households and seven businesses that were originally situated on the site.

Officials stated that the rest of the residents originally situated on Huandao Road had all agreed to vacate their house, and had moved elsewhere in September 2019.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Weibo

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