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Conspiracy theory claims China has discovered ‘unchartered land’ of dinosaurs
Featured Image Credit: @the_taurusqueen0/TikTok /Alan Novelli / Alamy Stock Photo

Conspiracy theory claims China has discovered ‘unchartered land’ of dinosaurs

The theory attempts to convince people that China is home to some very old creatures

The internet seems to be a breeding ground for some of the most bizarre conspiracies out there.

Whether its people hell-bent on the idea that the earth is flat or someone just really into the Mandela Effect - it's clear that social media is definitely a hotbed for this stuff.

And that's no different for the latest one revolving around China and a certain extinct species:

One woman took to TikTok to share the alleged phenomenon.

Explaining the theory, the woman claimed that she had come across this 'shocking news' at the nail salon when she overheard 'Chinese news' on the TV.

After revealing she was 'interested' in the news, the woman decided to the 'language translator' on her phone to understand what the headlines were all about.

mark Turner / Alamy Stock Photo

"So," she continued, "I turned it on to the Chinese language."

Finally revealing the claims, she said: "Lo and behold, the Chinese have discovered unchartered land - untouched."

Explaining that she was not 'trying to shock', the woman added: "They have found dinosaur-like creatures over 13-feet tall."

The caption of the video detailed: "China found uncharted land that has been untouched with dinosaur bones and other species."

The woman allegedly heard the news whilst at the nail salon.

The woman also noted that the information she was relaying to her couple thousands followers was 'not available' in the US.

"No one is talking about it," she added, "I cannot find any source."

For the sceptics out there, the woman assured viewers that the news had been 'confirmed' by the nail tech that was also present in the salon at the time of broadcast - that solves that then.

Continuing the explanation, the TikTok creator also revealed: "A group of scientists - over 15 members - found dinosaur-like creatures.

"They are saying," she carried on, "that the number could be in the thousands to millions of these animals."

The nail tech also allegedly confirmed the news.

"Right now," she noted, "they are really freaking out."

Speaking some more about what the alleged presence of the dinosaurs could mean for local populations, the woman went on to warn viewers that they will be 'running for [their] lives.'

"I don't know when its coming to America but you guys, I have told you first," she concluded.

The TikTok caption reads: "We are in for a rude awakening. Please just let it be untouched we don’t need to touch it."

The short video has since received over 97.5k views and there have been no comments made, there have since been a few duetting reaction videos to the theory.

One TikTok user said he had been looking for a source 'all over the internet' to substantiate the woman's claims but revealed: "I can't find anything out there."

Keep your eyes peeled for '13-feet tall' dinosaurs, guys.

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