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Man turns $5 into ‘life changing' amount of money after wild NFL playoffs bet
Featured Image Credit: @cameronjaycrai1/Twitter

Man turns $5 into ‘life changing' amount of money after wild NFL playoffs bet

The football fan was left screaming with happiness

An NFL fan was left screaming with joy after he managed to turn a $5 (£4) parlay bet into a 'life changing' amount of money.

It was a good weekend for fans of the Cincinnati Bengals, who smashed the Buffalo Bills 27-10 on Sunday (22 January) to reach the NFL Conference Championships.

Cameron Craig was among the Bengals fans celebrating the win, but it was actually another NFL game that left him screaming his happiness. See it for yourself here:

The thing is, Craig is not just a Bengals fan; he's also a betting man.

As well as the Bengals and the Bills, the NFL also saw the San Francisco 49ers play on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.

Before Sunday's games, Craig placed a four-leg parlay bet - a bet which links multiple wagers and is dependent on all of those wagers winning together.

With just $5, Craig guessed the four players to score the first touchdown in all four Divisional Round games. His predictions included Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert, Bengals receiver Ja’Marr Chase and Cowboys tight end Dalton Schultz.

If you're an NFL fan, I'm sure you already know where this is going.

Schultz scored a touchdown for the Cowboys.
Sipa US / Alamy Stock Photo

As the games played out, Craig successfully hit his first three wagers and was offered $1,393.56 (£1,121) by FanDuel Sportsbook to cash out.

However, the price for Schultz scoring the first touchdown was +1500 – the longest odds of all four bets, and the one still yet to come.

Craig took his changes and opted not to cash out, leaving him nervously watching the 49ers go head to head with the Cowboys.

As the game reached 3-0 to the 49ers, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott faked it to the running back, leaving Schultz to roam free to the flat.

As he scored a touchdown, Craig's dreams came true.

Craig couldn't believe it when Schultz scored.

Footage shared online shows the winning football fan screaming his delight and running around the room in shock, having successfully turned his $5 bet into $72,795 (£58,600).

Alongside the video, Craig wrote: "Life changing money!! Can’t believe that just happened!! Here’s my reaction live."

Twitter users flooded Craig with congratulations for his win, and while some argued $72,795 wouldn't last long, Craig made clear the payout would have a big impact on his life.

"For anybody saying that’s not life changing. My loans are now paid off and I’m debt free," he wrote, adding: "LIFE CHANGING. That’s all. Thanks for all the love everybody else!"

Beers on Craig for the next game, then?

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