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Neighbors ‘very happy’ family rejected $50 million from developers who built suburb around entire property

Neighbors ‘very happy’ family rejected $50 million from developers who built suburb around entire property

The Australian family who rejected a whopping $50 million from developers left their neighbors feeling 'very happy'.

The neighbors of the family who turned down a whopping $50 million (AUD) offer from developers were 'very happy' with their decision.

In recent years, we've seen huge developments leading to some people being paid large sums to leave their humble abodes.

One family in Australia went against this tradition though after they turned down a massive amount of money from developers who wanted to build a suburb around their home.

The Zammit family had lived on the plot of land in Sydney for years, and that’s the way they wanted things to stay.

The impressive Windsor Castle-style home is decked out with a 650-foot driveway surrounded by lush green gardens with a panoramic view of the Blue Mountains.

On top of that, the property is just 40 minutes away from the centre of Sydney, so what is not to love?

The house, located on Hambledon Road, stretches across five acres of land which equates to two-hectares of area and became a symbol of the family's determination to stay in their neighborhood.

The homeowners were not willing to part with their beloved Windsor Castle-style home.

The brand-new development is located in The Ponds area near Quakers Hill, with local real estate agent Taylor Bredin giving the family credit for sticking to their guns and not moving.

He told 7News: "The fact that most people sold out years and years ago, these guys have held on. All credit to them."

Bredin went on to suggest that the land has the ability to accommodate up to 50 houses subdivided into 3,200-square-foot blocks.

He revealed that every one of the 50 potential lodgings could be valued at around one million dollars each.

While the Zammit family are happy they have kept hold of their 'dream' home, they have commented on how the overnight development has affected their living situation - claiming the area is almost unrecognisable from when they first moved in some 16 years ago.

"It used to be farmland dotted with little red brick homes and cottages,' mother Diane Zammit, 50, told Daily Mail Australia.

"Every home was unique and there was so much space - but not any more. It's just not the same."

The Zammit family are not moving.

Neighbors of the Zammit family have since opened up about what it's like to live next to them following the whole ordeal.

One, whose home directly faces the property, revealed: "I will wave to them when I see them outside and they always wave back, but I don't really speak to them.

"I'm very happy they've refused to sell - it means we have a cul-de-sac which is much safer for our kids - and their big lawn next to us makes it feel like we've got so much space."

They added: "Our neighbors don't get that because the other houses are so close together. We're very grateful! I hope they stay."

Featured Image Credit: 7News

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