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Awkward moment man gives up robbery after employees barely acknowledge his presence

Awkward moment man gives up robbery after employees barely acknowledge his presence

The staff and customers clearly had no interest in entertaining the man's efforts

A wannabe robber in Atlanta left with nothing but a red face when employees at the shop he targeted hardly even bothered to acknowledge his presence.

These people had nails to paint - they clearly didn't have time for the alleged robber's nonsense.

The bizarre scene unfolded at 2625 Piedmont Rd. NE in Atlanta on 3 July, when staff and customers were just going about their day at the Nail1st salon.

CCTV footage from the business shows a group of customers sat on chairs as they waited their turn at the salon, while one member of staff sat behind a desk to man the booking system.

The customers were laughing and joking together when a man suddenly walked into the business with his hand covered by a bag, implying he might have been concealing something inside.

He swung the bag around the room and shouted: "Everybody get down!"

If you ever do find yourself in this situation, the University of Southern California's Department of Public Safety recommends that you 'assure the robber you will cooperate' and 'follow the robber's directions'.

This is key advice to try and keep yourself safe if you ever find yourself involved in a robbery attempt, but those at the nail salon did not follow this advice.

The man looked to be concealing something in his bag.
Facebook/Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta

Instead, they made quite clear that they really couldn't give two sh*ts about what the man was telling them to do.

Not one of the three women in the video made any effort to move at first, and the staff member behind the counter acted as if attempted robbery was just a normal part of his day by answering the phone as it rang on the desk.

The staff member even disappeared from view while still on the phone, seemingly not willing to let the apparent ongoing crime stop him from speaking with a potential customer.

One of the women slowly stood up and made her way outside the salon, while the man continued to shout at those in the building, saying: "Everybody give me everything!"

When still no one obliged, the man looked around as if considering whether it was even worth carrying on. After a few seconds, he gave up and just walked out empty handed, with his tail between his legs.

The man eventually gave up and left the salon.
Facebook/Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta

Investigators with the Atlanta Police Department’s Robbery Unit shared the footage after the attempt came to an end, asking for the public's help in identifying the man who was wearing a blue hat, sunglasses, and blue jeans.

After accepting he wouldn't be getting any goods and walking out of the salon, the suspect left the location in a silver sedan.

Anyone with information on the incident is being urged to submit it anonymously to the Crime Stoppers Atlanta tip line at 404-577-TIPS (8477) or online at

You do not have to give your name or any identifying information to be eligible for the reward of up to $2,000 (£1,500) for the arrest and indictment of the suspect.

Hopefully the suspect's utter failure on this occasion will put him off ever attempting another robbery.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta

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