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Atheist who died and came back to life claims he went to hell and saw Hitler and Jesus

Atheist who died and came back to life claims he went to hell and saw Hitler and Jesus

An atheist says he now believes in Jesus after dying and seeing Hitler in hell

A man who died said that before he came back to life he met Jesus Christ and saw Adolf Hitler burning in hell.

Bryan Melvin says he was a 'militant atheist' until he technically died of cholera after 'drinking some bad water' and felt himself being shot through a 'black void' after taking his final breath.

He described floating above his own body near the ceiling of the room he was in before going up towards a light where he said he could hear 'beautiful, profound music'.

Melvin then said he ended up face to face with none other than Jesus Christ, who told him he didn't deserve heaven and instead sent him down to hell.

Once down there he saw pretty much the one person in history you could 100 percent guarantee would definitely be suffering horribly in hell if such a place existed.

As you might expect hell doesn't sound like a particularly nice place to be.
Andrea Mazzocchetti / Alamy Stock Photo

Once down in hell he said it 'smelled awful' and was 'very hot', while all around him 'things looked dead' with a load of people he knew appearing to welcome him before they 'would change and morph into another person with alligator eyes'.

After meeting the 'hellish creatures' Bryan claimed he laid eyes on none other than Adolf Hitler down in hell, and as you might expect Hitler was on the receiving end of a terrible punishment for all the awful things he'd done.

He said: "The individual that I saw was Adolf Hitler. He was inside of a fiery furnace, like Auschwitz where they would put the bodies and burn them.

"He was going through what every single victim went through, from their arrest, from their arrival, from their strip down to where they were gassed."

"Every single one and every single thing, man, woman and child. That is what I saw. He wasn't reformed. He was getting crazier."

According to Bryan he saw Hitler down in hell suffering all of the torments he inflicted on other people.
David Cole / Alamy Stock Photo

Once he returned to the land of the living Bryan said he'd been full-blown converted to Christianity.

He's not the only one who says they saw hell after having a near-death experience or medically dying altogether.

A priest who died and said he saw hell before being brought back to life also claimed he heard demons singing Rihanna songs to torment the souls of people down there.

Another said they went down into hell after being pronounced dead by a doctor and had a personal meeting with the devil, then prayed for salvation and was taken out of there by an angel.

Not everyone is so convinced that this is actually what was happening, as another priest claimed the church invented hell to control people.

Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry William Reville has said that the vivid experiences people have during near death experiences are more than likely scientific in explanation rather than supernatural.

He said people seeing the light at the end of the tunnel may simply 'reflect oxygen levels falling in the retina'.

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