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Adin Ross addresses being tricked into looking at picture of his naked sister on live stream

Adin Ross addresses being tricked into looking at picture of his naked sister on live stream

Fans were left horrified earlier this week after Adin Ross appeared to be tricked into looking at a nude photo of his sister

Popular streamer Adin Ross has spoken out for the first time after appearing to fall victim to a cruel prank in the middle of a live stream earlier this week.

The 22-year-old, who boasts 7 million followers on Instagram and Twitter, was chatting with fans on the live streaming platform Kick while scrolling through photos on a Discord chat, when things appeared to take a dark turn.

The former Twitch streamer clicked on a video which had been edited and appeared to show a clip of a tree being cut down before revealing a nude photo of a woman - supposedly his sister, Naomi.

Obviously horrified, the streamer clicked straight off the photo and began raging at his audience.

"I'm not even joking bro, that s**t is too far, all s**t aside, that sh*t is way too f**king far, bro," he shouted. "Ya'll literally just went too f**king far with that one, bro.

Adin was evidently furious after seeing the picture.
Kick/Adin Ross

"That's not even funny, bro. Y'all just literally showed me my naked sister... that s**t is too far."

The incident happened on a live stream but was quickly recorded and shared on social media, where it garnered millions of views - and people were not happy about it.

"That's wild, man. Uncalled for as well. Feel for him," one person commented, while another added: "I am not a fan of this dude by any means, but I agree that this was definitely a bit too far."

A third wrote: "If it were me, I'd pluck out my eyes." Same.

However, the streamer has since addressed the incident for the first time, claiming he has since discovered the woman in the photo was not his sister.

What a relief!

Not only that, another woman, who runs an OnlyFans account, has come forward to say that she is, in fact the woman in the picture.

Taking to a live stream with his sister, Ross said: "Look, bottom line guys, I'm clearing this up, it's not her. I swear to God, I know my sister, I know her morals."

The clip ends with Adin and his sister attempting to add the OnlyFans model to the stream.

Speaking to the US Sun, Naomi once again confirmed that the photograph was not her, telling the publication: "This is not me and I don't post stuff like that."

Let's just hope Adin's followers will think twice before trying to full another stunt like that.

Featured Image Credit: Kick/Adin Ross

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