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13 strangers rent van after airline 'screws them over' and are forced into 10 hour journey
Featured Image Credit: @alanahstory21/TikTok

13 strangers rent van after airline 'screws them over' and are forced into 10 hour journey

A TikToker documented the journey where she - alongside 12 other people rented a van after their flight was cancelled.

A group of strangers joined forces and rented a van after their flight was cancelled, leaving them with limited options to get where they needed to be.

The 13 strangers joined together to rent a 15-man van to get them to Knoxville, Tennessee, US - a journey that took them more than ten hours.

This came after their original flight from Orlando to Knoxville was delayed twice and eventually cancelled.

Their flight was cancelled but they had a plan.
Simon Belcher / Alamy Stock Photo

The stressed passengers were informed that they would face a 48-hour wait for the next flight, which was too long for a lot of them.

So, the group decided to join forces after a woman shouted that she would be getting a van and anyone who wanted to drive could join her.

Well, a lot took the woman up on her offer, with 13 in the end deciding to make the long journey.

The story was documented by TikToker Alanah Story, who alongside her mum and godmother were in the van. Watch the start of their journey below:

She provided updates to her now over 175k followers on the social media platform, with so many becoming engaged with their journey.

Alanah admitted herself and her new friends would keep on refreshing the TikTok's to see them shooting up in views.

She told "So we post the video and, like, we're not really thinking anything's gonna come of it. But within, like, 30 minutes, it is starting to get hundreds of thousands of views.

"People in the van are refreshing my page the entire time. They're like, 'Oh my gosh, we're at this many views' ... and they're reading the comments out loud the whole time - I slept maybe, max - 20 minutes."

Alanah posted three TikTok's to her account documenting the journey where complete strangers soon became friends.

The first video - which is still by the looks of it in the airport - introduces some of the people who are boarding the van.

The strangers posed for a picture outside the van before setting off.

A second update provides a chat three hours in with Alanah and some of her new friends that are starting to feel a bit tired at this point.

And the third and final updates sees the group in their final destination of Knoxville, with a lot of happy but tired faces.

The group obviously went their separate way at this point but have agreed to stay in touch through the creation of a WhatsApp group.

Alanah has also said she will go on a karaoke night with one of the people she met in the van.

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