Aliens Will Fear Will Smith After Oscars Slap And Heroic Movie Roles, Says UFO Expert

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Aliens Will Fear Will Smith After Oscars Slap And Heroic Movie Roles, Says UFO Expert

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Aliens could fear Will Smith off the back of his heroic movie roles and that Oscars slap, according to a UFO expert.

In the wake of the dramatic moment the actor slapped comedian Chris Rock across the chops at last weekend's Academy Awards, the showbiz world has been scrambling to get its head around the potential ramifications: Should Smith be stripped of the Oscar he went on to win that night? Should Rock apologise for his joke about Smith's wife Jada? Should the Academy apologise for not booting Smith out?

But if you're a UFO expert, you're not bothered about any of that business; rather, the burning question is - what will the aliens make of all this?

You can re-watch the headline-grabbing Hollywood hit here:


UFO expert Nick Pope reckons the incident may well have cemented Smith's reputation as a fearsome human being - in the eyes of aliens.

The question in his eyes is whether these aliens can discern fact from fiction.

According to The Mirror, he said: "If extra-terrestrials are watching Earth - either monitoring us as part of a scientific study of emerging civilisations or maybe as reconnaissance, ahead of an alien invasion - they'll get a lot of their information about us from our TV broadcasts.

"What will they make of the fiasco at this year's Oscars ceremony?

"Aliens will already know Will Smith from Independence Day, where he punched out an alien and uttered the immortal line 'welcome to Earth'.

"They'll also know him from the Men in Black movies, so if aliens are planning an invasion, they'll think Will Smith is often the person we put up to defend ourselves."

Every alien's worst nightmare. Credit: Alamy
Every alien's worst nightmare. Credit: Alamy

He continued: "Aliens may also think he's one of Earth's ruling elite, if they've heard the phrase Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

"All this depends on whether aliens understand the concept of fiction.

"If they don't, they'll think Earth has already fought off multiple alien invasions, and that may have a deterrent effect."

Now, to read those quotes, you'd have to assume that Nick is just having a bit of a daft laugh with us - perhaps even more likely pulling a UFO expert's version of an April Fools' prank.

However, The Mirror said it contacted Pope to double-check he wasn't having them on and he confirmed he wasn't.

So make what you will of that.

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