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Vera Wang explained how she manages to look so young with designer turning 74 tomorrow

Vera Wang explained how she manages to look so young with designer turning 74 tomorrow

She said she hopes she helps other women to feel more confident ageing

Vera Wang has explained why she looks so youthful and says that she hopes she helps other women feel more ‘confident’ and ‘comfortable’ with ageing.

The fashion designer turns 74 tomorrow - not that you’d know by looking at her, as she seems to have stopped the clock and regularly shares age-defying snaps of herself on social media.

If you cast your mind back to May 2020, you may remember that Vera went viral after she shared a photo of herself wearing a bright orange crop-top, white shorts and a pair of sunglasses.

Instagram users were taken aback by the designer’s slim physique and flawless skin, with many begging her to reveal the secret location of the ‘fountain of youth’.

Vera Wang went viral with this photo in 2020.

In an interview with People from April this year, Wang admitted to be slightly surprised by the reaction and rather modestly played the whole thing down.

She said: “I’ve been to the Met Gala. I’ve gone to the Oscars. It’s crazy. Seriously, when I say to people, 'I don’t get it.' If we planned something like this, it would’ve never happened.”

And when it comes to the ‘secret’ of her seeming inability to age, she went on: “I guess it’s just that people have an idea of what 70 looks like today. I have so many friends that are 65 to 70 that look fabulous.

"But I have to say that hopefully, it’s a good thing. I hope it makes women feel more comfortable with themselves or are confident, or there are many definitions of what a woman can be.”

Wang has explained why she looks so youthful.

But pressed further about her routine, Wang revealed it was surprisingly easy to follow - work hard, sleep plenty, enjoy the odd vodka cocktail and avoid the sun to protect your skin.

Look, I don't know about you, but I can do three out of four of those no problem.

Wang continued: “Nobody believes me when I say it, but working keeps you young. It keeps your mind young, and your spirit up and your relevance up, which I think affects your body.

“I have to say, sleep, staying out of the sun without sunblock, and good lighting is everything too!

“And, one of the things I am known to like to do is have a vodka cocktail. There’s no question about that, I do. I have a vodka at some point after five or six o’clock, maybe towards seven.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@verawanggang

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