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Fans stunned after finding out who Tom Holland's famous dad is
Featured Image Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney / Marvel

Fans stunned after finding out who Tom Holland's famous dad is

Minds were blown

Tom Holland fans were left perplexed when they realized just how famous and successful his dad is.

At this point, Tom Holland is a pretty massive star. Not just that, for an entire generation he is going to be their Spider-Man... although the true crown will always belong to my spectacular webhead that is Tobey Maguire, but I digress.

The point is, following his meteoric rise to fame in Hollywood, many fans thought they knew a lot about the British actor.

A lot of fans likely follow all of his social media channels and are clued up on him dating the lovely and equally as successful Zendaya.

But many have been left baffled after they realized who his dad is.

Often with famous young actors, it is easy to assume their parents are just normal people and have been introduced to the celeb lifestyle through their children.

This isn’t the case in the Holland household, however.

Fans have been left baffled after realizing who Tom Holland's dad is.
Karwai Tang/WireImage

His dad, Dominic Holland, is regarded as a comedy legend and has worked as a broadcaster and author.

He even won the Perrier Best Newcomer Award for his comedy back in 1993.

Dominic also created two 2020 comedy specials, Dominic Holland: The Glory Year and Dominic Holland: Alive in Tring.

The synopsis reads: “Just your regular, down-to-earth Hollywood Dad, Dom’s son Tom as the latest Spiderman is (annoyingly) doing all the high flying for him, showcasing he is very much aware of his son’s stardom."

Many social media users have been left shocked after making the discovery.

One user joked: "This is the first time I have learned that Tom Holland is the son of Dominic Holland and it's fused my circuitry. Right now you could tell me Billie Eilish's dad is Steve Punt and I'd believe you. Dua Lipa? Dr Phil Hammond. Harry Styles? Junior Simpson."

Dominic Holland is regarded as a comedy legend and has worked as a broadcaster and author.
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Another asked: “Why have I only just learned who Tom Holland's dad is? I would not have guessed that."

While a third commented: "Nepo-baby. What a shocker."

However, fans defended Tom against this comment, insisting his fame was largely of his own making.

Tom's dad has certainly played into it as part of his career.

In Dominic's book, titled Eclipsed, he joked about how his son had outshone him.

“How does a kid called Tom Holland, who never had a speaking part in a school play find himself playing Marvel’s Peter Parker?” the bio of the book starts.

“A series of happy coincidences and serendipitous events is the answer. A fluke, then? Yes, but not exactly, given that huge amounts of commitment and hard work have been required.”

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