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The Rock Rips Into Kevin Hart After Comedian Called Out His Small Shorts

The Rock Rips Into Kevin Hart After Comedian Called Out His Small Shorts

The co-stars shared a jokey exchange over on Instagram after The Rock posted a picture of himself onboard his private jet

Dwayne Johnson ripped into co-star, Kevin Hart, after the comedian made a dig at his ‘small a** shorts’ on Instagram. 

Last week, the Red Notice star shared a smiley snap of himself relaxing on his private jet. 

The 49-year-old looks cheerful, sporting a bright shirt and pair of sunnies to match. 

Despite being 30,000ft in the air, the actor appears to be hard at work, signing a stack of documents with the fountain pen resting in one hand. 

Johnson captioned the post: “The Seven Bucks Productions version of the mile-high club. 

“Finishing your week strong, my friends. Let's f**king go!” 

Rounding off the message, he wrote: “[Kevin Hart] will be joining this chat shortly.” 


Kevin indeed joined the chat, choosing to mock the A-lister's clothing choice rather than offer up a compliment. 

He wrote: “Why are your underwear longer than your shorts? What an idiot! Small a** shorts.” 

The Rock didn’t let him get away with it, as he replied: “Hey f**k head, it’s because my leg is crossed pulling my shorts up. 

“Stop fantasizing about my underwear before I shove you back into your Keebler tree.” 

Fans were quick to weigh in on the exchange between the Jumanji co-stars, with one writing: "You got me laughing." 

Another joked: "They are not your size, Kevin!" 

A third said: “Kevin is jealous because your shorts are his pants size.” 

Another wrote: “Now everybody is looking. Thanks [Kevin Hart].” 

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle.

The light-hearted Instagram exchange comes after Johnson was challenged to a fight by 'the world's scariest man'.

Martyn Ford certainly lives up to his nickname, standing at six feet and eight inches tall, and weighing in at just under 23 stone.

When asked about his preparation tactics for his upcoming fight, the bodybuilder revealed he would love to get Johnson in the boxing ring.

Speaking to Muscle and Health, Ford said: “I’d love to challenge The Rock to a fight.

“We’d make a fortune. It would be a phenomenal fight, because he’s a great athlete. He’s very mobile, strong, and comes from a wrestling background.”

Well, stranger things have happened, considering the actor has a history of professional wrestling and is thought to be one of the biggest stars to come out of WWE.

There's no doubt their fight would be one for the history books.

Featured Image Credit: @therock/Instagram/Alamy

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