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Comedian asks crowd for 'weird' tips to fall asleep and gives woman x-rated response
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Comedian asks crowd for 'weird' tips to fall asleep and gives woman x-rated response

The audience was left in hysterics

A comedian was quick to hilariously snap back at a member of the audience after a being given a ‘weird sleep tip’.

Taylor Tomlinson was ready for the typical answers when she required some audience participation during one of her shows.

While recording her Netflix comedy special, Taylor Tomlinson: Have It All, she had a simple question for the crowd.

She asked for a 'weird sleep tip' that she has never heard of.

After getting a predictable answer, she managed to get the audience laughing even harder. Have a watch:

“If you think you have a weird sleep that I have never heard of, I would love for you to raise your hand and tell me what that is,” she said.

“That being said, if anyone raises their hand at goes ‘have you tried the Calm meditation app’, I will have you removed."

The crowd then burst out laughing, and Tomlinson continued to scan the audience until she found one willing participant with their hand raised.

They answered 'masturbation' and left Tomlinson pretty unimpressed.

Taylor Tomlinson had her audience rolling around with laughter after her quick reply.

The comedian responded: "Masturbate? B***h please. You think I haven’t tried masturbating? I don’t go to sleep, I come to sleep. Next.

“Alright, what else we got, thanks for playing.”

The clip has gone viral on social media, with fans wishing they got to hear her brilliant delivery live.

“'I don’t go to sleep I come to sleep' omg quote of the decade,” one user remarked.

“She asked this question when I saw her in Boston. Nobody was helpful. She even admitted to being unslept but she was just as funny,” another wrote.

“She is by far the funniest female comedian out there right now. One of the funniest & creative comedians in general,” commented someone else.

“I also like to believe she thought of that line 'I don’t go to sleep I come to sleep' and then concocted this question in a way where of course people are gonna say masturbate when asked that question at a comedy show,” one fan added.

Social media users remarked how much they loved Tomlinson for her wit.

As well as praising the comedian, many commented their own sleep routines and how they manage to catch some Z's as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately scientists haven't come up with a way to make our brains behave like light switches just yet, but there is one military sleep method which might be the next best thing.

Shared by fitness coach Justin Agustin, the technique was developed by the US Army, apparently 'mainly for fighter pilots who need 100 percent of their reflexes' and for those in active combat who need to be able to fall asleep in noisy and stressful situations.

If you want to check it out, you can do so here.

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