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Dad spends $21k for his daughter to go to Taylor Swift concert after original tickets never arrived
Featured Image Credit: ABC / Associated Press / Alamy Stock Photo

Dad spends $21k for his daughter to go to Taylor Swift concert after original tickets never arrived

That's a lot of money for a gig.

How much would you pay to see Taylor Swift in concert? How about $21,000?

That's how much dad Anthony Silva paid for his daughter Katlyn and her friends to dance to 'Anti-Hero' and 'Shake It Off' at her sold-out concert at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts.

Sure, Taylor Swift tickets are like gold dust at the moment, but there's no way they're that pricey, right?

It turns out that that was not, in fact, how much Anthony had planned to spend on the concert tickets.

Originally, the dad had forked out $1,800 for the four tickets as a Christmas present for 19-year-old Katlyn.

But, days before the gig, he still had no tickets to give the girls.

You see, Anthony had purchased the tickets on StubHub, a third-party ticket exchange and resale site.

Anthony paid $21,000 for new tickets for his daughter.

It's StubHub's policy that tickets aren't sent out to the purchaser until the day before the event.

But, the day before the Gillette stadium gig, Anthony was still empty-handed.

Anthony told WCVB that, when he got in touch with StubHub about the missing tickets, they told him that there were no alternative tickets left to purchase.

Left without much choice, Anthony decided to go to an alternative ticket resale site and buy four more tickets - which set him back a devastating $21,000.

"This is just not right," the dad complained at the time.

"In my opinion, they should not wait until the day before for the tickets to be sent out by the re-seller."

He added: “Approximately $21,000, for better seats but of course you can see this puts me back a little bit.

"I think it’s for no reason but for incompetence through the third party or through StubHub."

Silva noted that StubHub will refund his original purchase in 10 business days.


After shelling out big money for the four tickets, and even renting out a limousine for the girls, Anthony decided to play a prank on his daughter before revealing the good news.

"We played a joke on them telling them yesterday, telling them the tickets were really gone, and the look on their faces I never want to see again. One girl had a quivering lip. I won’t tell you who."

Katlyn admitted that, when she heard the devastating news, she kicked up a huge fuss.

"I went home slamming stuff, I was so angry, so disappointed because I was looking forward to this for nine months," she told the local news outlet.

Thankfully for them, Anthony went on to reveal the girls were in fact going to see Swift.

UNILAD has contacted StubHub for comment.

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